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Rica and Joseph's Wedding Vows Will Make You Believe in the True Meaning of Love!

What makes Rica Peralejo's wedding to Joseph Bonifacio unique? It is their wedding vows, a copy of which Rica keeps tacked on a corkboard hanging in the wall of their home.

"This wedding, like this relationship, is a tangible reminder to me that God's ways is really beyond our ways," Joseph said in his wedding vows to Rica.

In addition, Joseph noted the good qualities of Rica, emphasizing on her sincere love for God.

"You have a faith that serves as the foundation to all facets of your life," Joseph added.

WATCH: Rica Loves to get Artsy

As with Rica's vows, she recounted on how she met Joseph, a "geeky-looking guy", at a "fancy" party in church. Also, she added how back then, Rica already saw herself being with Joseph forever. 

"Aside from being intelligent, and yet not-to-serious, I know I am here today, committing myself fully without limitations, promising to stand by you for the rest of my life," Rica said in her wedding vows to Joseph through a letter.

"Somewhere in between we will be successful, healthy, and strong," Rica added in her wedding vows to Joseph through a letter.

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