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In Focus: What Happens When You Give Arci Muñoz Perfume

Arci Muñoz is a headturner in every sense of the word. She's got thick, voluminous hair commercials would die for. Her makeup is always on fleek. And don't get us started on the outfit she has on in this video. 

You'd think with the way she looks, the actress is getting ready for her next photoshoot or is stepping out to a romantic date. But she's not here to tease. No, Arci came to play.

The game in question? Remini-scents.

The rules are simple. You close your eyes, select a perfume bottle at random, spray it, and make kwento the first thing that comes to mind as you catch a whiff of it. Hence, the name "Remini-scents." It's like you're reminiscing over something that you smelled.

In Arci's case, there were six Blackwater bottles to choose from, each of which she associated a different thought or memory of her life to. Listen as she shares never-before-heard stories with Star Studio!


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