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Workout Wisdom: You Don't Always Need to Hit The Gym for Your Dose of Crossfit

In an episode of her "21 Before 21" YouTube video series, Dominique Cojuangco did what seemed to be the unthinkable: Work out smack in the middle of a farm! She's joined by good friend Raymond Gutierrez, and a professional coach, Dean, assisting them in all exercise sets, executed using everyday objects and elements found in a farm. 

From catching ducks as their warm up and using coconuts as their "medicine ball" for lunges, to using tree trunks as their weights for squats, both Dominique and Raymond were challenged in a way they've never been before. They enjoyed the workout session, even if it was difficult and painful due to the absence of gym-specific equipment like mats. "I am not strong to begin with, but it was so much fun," Dominique said after completing the set of excercises given to them by coach Dean. "[Dean] is so creative and so resourceful for him to build a whole Crossfit gym in the middle of nowhere," Raymond remarked.

See for yourself how Dominique and Raymond fared in this unusual workout situation by watching the video!


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Banner photo screencapped from Dominique Cojuangco's video. Video from Dominique's Youtube channel




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