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Kitchen Whiz: Shake Things Up with This Chicken Gumbo Recipe






Most, if not all, of us are familiar with shrimp gumbo, but did you know substituting shrimp with chicken still makes for an equally delicious dish? Chef Sharwin Tee demonstrates his new approach to making gumbo in this segment of Curiosity Got the Chef. Take note of his tips:


1. The fat from chorizo pamplona, which has garlic and paprika flavors, complements the gumbo's stew.


2. "All good gumbos start with a good rue." In order to have a good rue (which Chef Sharwin describes as a good oil and flour mixture), he suggests to add just enough flour to come up with a pasty consistency. 


3. In searing your chicken, do not overcrowd your pot with multiple chicken pieces. Chef Sharwin recommends searing four pieces of chicken at a time.


4. Want to add more color to your rue? Add tomato paste to your stew.


5. A secret to a thick stew is adding okra, as its slimy texture adds volume to your stew.


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