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Kris Gives Best Advice to a Crying K Brosas! Aiko Can't Help But Record It

How can you deal with a broken heart?

K Brosas revealed a recent heartbreak and cried about it on national TV. She said it was inevitable and the consequences she accepted wholeheartedly without any anger or hatred towards her unnamed ex.

But the hurt is undeniable and deeply felt, and K expressed it without any inhibitions.

What does Kris Aquino have to say about it. 

Recalling insightful lines in her latest film, "All You Need is Pag-ibig," from director Antoinette Jadaone, Kris uttered profound discernment of the hurt we all feel when we undergo painful break-ups or failed relationships. 

Even guest Aiko Melendez was so moved by it, she felt she had to take a video of what the Queen of All Media said on her smartphone so that she won't forget.




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