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How Did "Forever" Start for LizQuen? Both Say It Was an Off-Cam "Moment"

Indeed, it's nothing less than magic.

The love team, the bond, their eyes for each other, and yes, forever, began in those times people don't see or witness , when they have been heid off from the real world and share with each other that special moment together.

During those off-cam breaks from "Forevermore" shoots, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil discovered more about each other and became closer--a testament that both saw special qualities and lovable traits. For Liza, Quen is "not showbiz" or one who remains trustworthy and honest, even beyond reading the script. For Quen, Liza is simply the most beautiful person inside out that he would want to spend forever with--a realization that is strengthened everytime they meet or spend special moments together.

For one to reach forever, as what we can learn from LizQuen, we should definitely start with being true to one another, becoming dependable through thick and thin, and stay just the way you are always. In the end, it will be un dolce amore! 




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