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What is Most Special About JaDine? KC Concepcion Says It Best!

What makes JaDine a phenomenal love team? Is it because of the chemistry of James Reid and Nadine Lustre? Or is it because of the kilig films and TV shows they've appeared in? Or the perfect combination of their innate charm, cuteness, and charisma?

Yes, these are very big factors. But the most essential reason why they have surged in popularity and captured the hearts of people is not only because of their onscreen performances, but their offscreen personas as well.

In this Kris TV interview, KC Concepcion mentions the word "honesty" repeatedly in describing JaDine that is indeed truly indicative of what the love team is all about. James and Nadine mentioned their past loves that hurt them so much before getting into their tandem, with Nadine becoming somber and sad after mentioning that her ex-boyfriend sacrificed himself out of their relationship just to get her career going.

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