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Shaina on Her Uplifting Solo Journey to Italy on Her Birthday: "It's Spiritual"

For people who love to travel, their passion is more than just discovering exquisite places or taking a break from all tiresome and stressful endeavors. 

It's also about reflection, improving your outlook in life, and being inspired to live life to the fullest. This was the purpose of frequent European traveller Shaina Magdayao when she recently visited Italy as a birthday present to herself.

And, the most interesting thing about it is that she went on this special journey alone.

Solo travels are very enriching to the body, mind and soul. You are so energized, exposed, and illuminated by the experience that you feel like a new you has emerged. For Shaina's trip, she described it as "spiritual," a deeper, purposeful journey she needs that should further strengthen her faith and solidify the decisions she would make in her life--both for the immediate and long term.

This is something we, too, can do for ourselves. No, not only for fun and relaxation or widening your Facebook gallery with selfies, but a fulfilling voyage to become a better person.




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