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Thank You For The Love: To Whom Do You Want To Say It?

There's always something about the holiday season that makes people festive and well, let's admit it, sentimental. Understandably so, this season signals the end of another year and somehow, we're taken aback and remember those who've made our days, months, and years more bearable and a little sweeter. 

Whether it's your parents, your siblings, an old lover or even a stranger who saved you one ordinary day, may this season remind us all that while gift-wrapped boxes and colorful ribbons can make one's heart flutter, giving doesn't stop there. When we give out gifts, make sure we give out a word of thanks as well. After all, gratitude is a gift by itself... and a most appreciated one at that.

In this video, people from different walks of life gathered around and revealed to whom they want to say "Thank You For The Love" in true ABS-CBN Kapamilya fashion.  

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