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Ever since the Hallyu wave was introduced, fans can’t seem to get enough of Korean dramas. They binge watch the latest K-series, and before they know it, their eyes are set for more new and exciting ones!

People are also curious if it’s as popular in their homeland. It’s a good thing that Naver, South Korea's very own search engine, came up with a list of K-drama that caught K-netizens’ curiosity.

Get inspired by what K-drama to watch next. Here are the top 5 most searched K-dramas:

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Landing in the number one spot is the recently concluded hit It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. With its global success, it’s no wonder this drama is at the top.


Photo credit to Studio Dragon, Story TV and Gold Medalist

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay tells the story of Ko Mun-yeong and Moon Gang-tae, two troubled individuals who help each other forget their traumatic pasts. Their journey to healing has inspired viewers to overcome any challenge life may bring with wholehearted acceptance.

Graceful Friends

Want to suffice your thirst for thriller dramas? Fret not! Graceful Friends will be your newest addiction. This series trails the events in the lives of a group of friends in their forties.

Photo credit to JTBC

Everything was seemingly perfect, but chaos soon exploded when untold secrets were revealed after a murder. This enticing K-drama premiered last July 10, 2020.

Once Again

Searching for a drama that will help you understand marriage and divorce from different perspectives? Once Again is the perfect series for you. 


Photo credit to KBS

Bagging the third spot in this list is a melodrama about an elderly couple with four children. The four of them faced several issues with their personal lives that soon affected their parents.

Backstreet Rookie

Here’s an exciting adaptation from a webtoon. Backstreet rookie, also called Convenience Store SaetByul, is a romantic comedy about a love story that blossomed between a female part-timer and her manager.


Photo credit to SBS


Last August 8, this highly-anticipated series ended with a high note. For its finale, Backstreet Rookie soared to the highest rating for its entire run.


Deviating from the usual dreamy romance K-drama portrays, Train is a thriller and romance drama that tells the mystery of a parallel world where a detective did everything he could to protect a precious woman.


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This K-drama that premiered last July 11 is a 12-episode show. The lead roles are brought to life by two popular actors, Yoon ShiYoon and Kyung Soojin.