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The denial of the ABS-CBN franchise has immensely affected the network and its employees.  The company has resorted to let go of some of its workers. Many Kapamilyas lost their jobs.

Now more than ever, everyone needs people who have the initiative to help others who are in need.

One of them is Patrick Cruz, founder of Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies, a Facebook page that caters to Kapamilya food online sellers to promote their yummy treats. 

Having seen that most of his co-employees and social media friends are posting their homemade mouth-watering meals, Cruz took the initiative to organize them into one page where food buyers can just scroll and choose which scrumptious food they like best. “Ang mga Kapamilya ang tutulong sa mga kapwa-Kapamilya,” Cruz shares.

When asked what motivated him to push through with the idea, he said, “Ngayon, kahit wala pa silang work, baka gusto nilang mag-business. So, kaya ko siya ginawa para magkaroon sila ng place to sell their food.”


Photo from Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies’ Facebook page

The best part? The array of food this Facebook page offers is limitless, from international cuisines to heirloom recipes passed from one generation to another.

Being a foodie himself, he’s in awe of the selection of food this Facebook page can offer.  “I would say, sa group natin para ka na rin nag-international food market.”


If you’re an interested food online seller, Cruz shared the steps to promote your food items in Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies. He disclosed: “Ang ilalagay lang nila ‘yung caption, ‘yung description ng food nila tapos kung ano product nila, contact numbers nila kung paano sila mare-reach for orders, and then location nila. Also, yung picture ng food. The more enticing, the more ma-aattract ‘yung mga taong oorder.”


 Screen captured from Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies Facebook Page

The founder of Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies shared a heartfelt message to all the displaced Kapamilyas. He says: “Sa mga Kapamilya natin na re-trench, una, I want to say, okay lang, sige. Umiyak muna kayo, ilabas niyo muna ‘yung iyak niyo, ‘yung sakit, in any way na kaya niyo iexpress. Pero after, always remember na merong hope. Mayroon pag asa.  Huwag mawawalan ‘nun.”

Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies is more than just a Facebook page filled with food and online sellers. It’s an organized group of individuals that pours its heart out in every food item they sell.

Currently, this group has over 2,000 members. If you wish to be a part of this group and get a taste of this meals made with love, you can visit their Facebook page. CLICK HERE.


For more inquiries regarding Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies, you can contact:

Patrick Cruz

Founder, Kumikitang Kapamilya Foodies



Instagram: thepatrickcruise

Facebook: The Patrick Cruz