Angel Locsin is prominently known for roles that take a lot of preparation and effort to play. Her hard work and determination to give it her all definitely show, as she graces our small screens with memorable lines and acting.


The General’s Daughter in particular has left a mark in many of her fans, as her character, the protagonist 1st Lt. Rhian Bonifacio, goes through various struggles as an AFP Military Nurse and a spy.


The production team had utmost belief in the actress, who had to undergo rehabilitation for her back. Thankfully, she pushed through with the role and she certainly did not disappoint!


Now that the series is back at the Kapamilya Online Live, let’s check out her most thrilling TGD scenes below:


An emotional reunion



In this scene, Angel touched the heart of viewers as emotions poured out when she hugged her mother Corazon, played by Eula Valdez. The tears and facial expressions were the highlight of this intense episode.


Rhian vs. Cuatro



Angel Locsin showed her combative side as Rhian when she faced Captain Alexandra Noblejas or Cuatro, played by Janice Hung, who refused to give up and say where she planted a bomb. The action choreography of the scene left fans at the edge of their seats.


The Franco and Rhian kiss



In this scene, Rhian and Franco had an argument, which soon turned physical. Due to a fit of jealousy, Franco suddenly kissed Rhian, which made Rhian even angrier, causing a brawl between the two. The whole scene came as quite a surprise for fans as well.


Freeing herself from abduction



Angel once again showed her talent in being a convincing, badass protagonist as she successfully escaped being tied up by Buddy, played by Kiko Matos. She also bravely fought his henchmen along the way, to make a call and bust their drug operation.


Elai and Sabel



Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series is this scene with Elai and Sabel. Rhian’s emotional breakdown as she lost her loved ones before her eyes left fans with heavy hearts, and it’s all thanks to the sharp script and Angel’s heartfelt portrayal.