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One of the most talked-about BL series in the country is Black Sheep’s first digital series Hello, Stranger. Its awesome cast composed of Tony Labrusca, JC Alcantara, Vivoree Esclito, Patrick Quiroz, and Miguel Almendras quickly gained attention after it was announced in late June 2020.

At first, you might want to verify if Tony’s bad boy vibe as Xavier can match a fresh face like JC as Mico. Be careful, though, as the more curious you are about their chemistry, the more their tandem can put you in a love spell. 

Take a virtual sneak-peek at their characters Xavier and Mico’s super kilig moments. Scroll down and be a certified #XavMi!

Episode 1 kilig moment: The Instagram Chase

Credits to Black Sheep 

Xavier and Mico’s first meeting ends up on a bad note after the former arrogantly dismisses the latter’s quiz group online. Unfortunately, Mico has to interact with Xavier more when his teacher asks him to pair up with him. Things turn out better than expected as they build a connection together through their first video call. There’s no hint of a budding romance yet, but Xavier starts to tease Mico when he accidentally likes his old Instagram photo without following. Xavier caught Mico stalking him!

Episode 2 kilig moment: The Reconciliation

Credits to Black Sheep 

After a huge fight between Xavier and his girlfriend Crystal, Xavier still attends his online meeting with Mico. With the obvious despair in his eyes, Mico advises him to stop thinking of his problems and just focus on their project, which upsets Xavier. To make it up, Mico apologizes on their next meeting. Finally, Mico decides to follow Xavier back on Instagram where Xavier sends him a cute Boomerang video. Awww!

Episode 3 kilig moment: Online Movie Date?

Credits to Black Sheep 

When Crystal officially calls it quits with Xavier on social media, Xavier asks Mico if he can join him to watch a movie. The two boys chose the classic John Lloyd-Bea movie One More Chance. After watching, Mico shows his vulnerability as he shares his story to Xavier. Suddenly, they're having a moment while Xavier tells him how he wants to kiss his special someone.

Episode 4 kilig moment: Meet the Friends

Credits to Black Sheep 

Xavier asks Mico to let him meet his friends through their quiz group online, where they get paired up for an online quiz bee. In the crucial round to beat his friend’s team, Xavier is able to answer the final question. Team #XavMi wins! “Grabe, Xavier. Ang galing-galing mo,” says Mico. Xavier praises him back, “Ikaw rin naman.” This is exactly the love team we need!

Episode 4 kilig moment: For the First TIme

Credits to Black Sheep 

Xavier is having a hard time finishing the backdrop for their project, so Mico offers to help him by going to his place. Maybe you can sense a little boyfriend moves when Xavier tells him he will pick him up. For the first time, they meet each other at a milk tea shop. Mico is wearing the shirt Xavier sent him before, and surprisingly, Xavier wears the same shirt, too!