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The influence of Korean drama in the Philippines is undeniable. Once they push that play button, it’s hard to be satisfied with just one episode—they end up binge-watching them all until they’re finally fulfilled.

Sometimes, it will even take days or weeks to finally move on from the feels of the drama, be it some kilig or heart-wrenching scenes.

Here are six Korean dramas you should definitely add to your must-watch list:

Hi Bye, Mama!

If you’re in it for a good cry, Hi Bye, Mama! should be at the top of your list. This drama beautifully tells the story of a mother’s unconditional love for her family even when she’s gone.


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Cha Yu Ri who lost her life due to a tragic accident refuses to be reincarnated so she could look after her infant daughter and other family members. For her to be human again, she was given a 49-day long reincarnation project. At the end of her mission, she will be given the opportunity to stay and continue the life she left behind or not.

This drama will surely touch your hearts especially if you’re one of those who are willing to do anything for the welfare of your family.


Something in the Rain

Deviating from how typical romantic stories are told in the angle of happiness, Something in the Rain will truly open your eyes with how true love works—pain and heartache included.

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This crippling drama traces the conflict of Jin Ah and Jun Hee’s love affair. Jin Ah is a 35-year-old career woman who fell in love with someone younger than her. She fell head over heels with her best friend’s younger brother. 

Because of the age gap, their respective families are not in favor of them being together.

The entire story does not only tackle the ups and downs of relationships but also gives off lessons about friendship, family, and other life-affirming values.


Reply 1998

One of the most talked-about dramas right now is Reply 1998. This series tells the story of a group of friends who live in the small neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong. They all rely on one another as they navigate through life and deal with the complexity of adulthood. 

Their tight ties have paved the way for their parents to grow closer with each other as well.


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As one big family, these neighbors have each other’s back through thick and thin. 

This series depicts the beauty of friendship and how no problem is too big when you’re with family and friends that you can really count on.

The World of the Married

Hold onto your seats and remain calm as possible while you watch this Korean drama. This series made a buzz because of its jaw-dropping plot twists that will surely stun the fans every single time.


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Based on the movie Doctor Foster, The World of The Married raised has set the bar high with its ratings as one of the most viewed series in K-drama history.

Married couples—and even single ones—are so hooked in this series for it depicts the reality of married life. It awakens the eyes of the audience that saying your “I do” doesn’t always guarantee a life full of rainbows and butterflies.

This series revolves around Dr. Ji Sun Woo and her journey on how she deals with her husband who cheated on her with a younger woman. Get this, all of her friends knew about the infidelity but they chose to stay silent! 


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s chemistry in this series is undeniable. If you love to fawn over Park Seo Joon’s hot abs, a lot of those are shown in this series.


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This romantic comedy-drama is about a rich yet cold-hearted boss who falls head over heels with his dependable and efficient secretary. He thinks he has everything he needs until Secretary Kim hands him a resignation letter. Not used to being turned down, Young Joon tries everything he can to convince Kim Mi So to not leave her job.

The fun and light take of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim excites K-drama addicts who are also big fans of fairytale plots just like Cinderella.

Fight for My Way

Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, Fight for My Way is a story of two friends who wanted more than what they have now.


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In a world that isn’t kind to those who lack high credentials, the two lead roles struggle to pursue their passion and the dreams they have set out for themselves.

Aside from their bumpy road to success, a love story will also unfold transitioning them from friends to lovers. Is friendship worth risking for a romantic relationship? Watch this series and find out for yourself!


Crash Landing on You

If you haven’t jumped into the #CLOY fever, then you should definitely give this K-drama a shot. This series will give you the kilig feels and it might take you a while to get over it.

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It is a romantic drama about a South Korean fashion CEO, Yoon Se Ri who decided to test her business’ new product by paragliding but she accidentally drifts to North Korean soil where she met Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean Soldier. Not wanting her to get caught, Ri Jung Hyuk helped Yoon Se Ri escape;  but little did they know that their love story will unravel as they try to get her out of North Korea.