The Korean entertainment industry is best known for churning out the best girl groups in the world. They usually have a tedious training process, narrowing down the number of girls who audition and assembling them to a group for a potential debut.


Apart from loving the gorgeous and talented girls, fans are fawning over their slick choreography and addictive music videos that will surely make you want to get up on your feet and dance.

In the past years, five Korean girl groups have been dominating the Hallyu wave. Scroll down and get to know them!  


BLACKPINK in your area!

With records around the globe, BLACKPINK is probably one of the highest-charting girl groups of all time. 


Photo from Instagram (blackpinkofficial)

This Korean girl group is composed of four beautiful and talented ladies, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo. They debuted when they released their single Boombayah. Since then, BLACKPINK has become a girl group to watch out for.

Despite being in a group, BLACKPINK also values individuality. Hence, they also have their own music to showcase each girl’s unique traits and talent. Jennie was the first member to release a solo effort.


Photo from Instagram (jennierubyjane)


With such a huge fanbase, it’s no wonder Solo became the most viewed video by a female K-pop solo artist in the first few hours of its release.


Photo from Instagram (blackpinkofficial)


If you’re one of the Blinks (what fans called themselves), Here's some happy news for you: your favorite girl group is making a comeback this year, and fans are eager to hear what they have in store for them!


You’ve probably heard of MOMOLAND and danced to their upbeat song Bboom Bboom! This song became a hit, making MOMOLAND the first girl group to get a Platinum certification with over 100 million streams.

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This girl group was a product of a reality show titled Finding MOMOLAND, and they have been killing it ever since. 


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While the member lineup has changed over the years, MOMOLAND proves that they can still slay and produce catchy songs, especially with their single Thumbs Up.


Photo from Instagram (momoland_official)


Apart from their music, here is another reason to love them: before making their official debut in 2017, the first seven members of MOMOLAND were ambassadors for the International Relief Development NGO Plan Korea. 



The nine girls, now known for their bubblegum pop songs, were set for stardom since their debut in 2015. After they were introduced, fans became addicted to their melodic tunes. 


Photo from Instagram (twicetagram)


TWICE consists of Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Nayeon, and Jeongyeon. With music as bubbly as their personalities, It’s no wonder that TWICE is one of the best-selling girl groups of all time.


Photo from Instagram (twicetagram)


Just like other K-pop acts, TWICE originated from a reality show. They were part of the 2015 series Sixteen. After several tests and eliminations, the nine remaining girls were formed into a group which was soon dubbed as TWICE.

Just like any other group, this girl group also has a moniker for their dedicated fans. A follower of the girl group is a “Once.”

Red Velvet

Originally, Red velvet is composed of four members, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy but after their debut, Yeri joined the group, taking the final tally to five.


Photo from Instagram (redvelvet.smtown)

Red Velvet made their debut on KBS’s Music Bank with the song Happiness. Since then, they consistently swept the charts with their tracks with R&B tunes that will surely entice listeners. 


Photo from Instagram (redvelvet.smtown)


The official name of their fan club is  ReVeluv.  According to, The “Reve” in “Reveluv” means “dream” in French. The girl group felt like the fans made their dream come true so in return they will “Luv” them. Hence, ReVeluv.



OH MY GIRL, or OMG, is the first-ever girl group that was produced by WM Entertainment. They had their debut in April 2015, with the song Cupid. 

    Photo from Instagram (wm_ohmygirl)


Composed of Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, and Arin, these lovely ladies were instantaneously a hit. They were welcomed by the public because of their songs and music videos that are oozing with good vibes.


Photo from Instagram (wm_ohmygirl)


The fans of OH MY GIRL, who goes by the name Miracle are elated when they heard that their favorite K-pop girl group bagged the number one spot for Soompi’s K-pop Music Chart 2020.  This song has accumulated over eight music show wins. Wow!