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The entertainment industry is now mourning the loss of one of cinema’s greats: the iconic director Peque Gallaga.

In his earlier years, Gallaga studied at the De La Salle University in Manila, then took up commerce and liberal arts at St. La Salle in Bacolod City. He then moved to Manila once again, doing stints in television musicals. It was afterward when he began directing films. 

The filmmaker soon cemented his status in the entertainment industry and became a renowned multi-awarded director in the country.


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The 76-year-old director passed away Thursday at the Riverside Medical Center in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, due to pneumonia. Maggie Gallaga, the director’s wife, confirmed to ABS-CBN News that Peque will be cremated, upon his wishes.   


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Peque's legacy in Filipino film history leaves an indelible mark, inspiring many others to create more socially aware, inspirational, compelling and provocative works, such as these unforgettable pieces by the visionary icon:  




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Oro, Plata, Mata (Gold, Silver, Death) was released in 1982. It tells the tale of two privileged families trying to survive during the Japanese occupation. Oro, Plata, Mata won Best Picture in the Gawad Urian Awards in 1983, and was subsequently digitally restored and showcased at the 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.  


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Peque also directed the segment Manananggal in the 1984 horror film Shake, Rattle & Roll, which was composed of three episodes. His episode revolves around the life of a teenager named Douglas, who does what he can to watch over his loved ones from a vicious creature.



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This 1985 project was set during the time of Emilio Aguinaldo. It stars Miguel Rodriguez as a Spanish soldier, with Sarsi Emmanuel playing the role of a girl named Chayong, and Abel Jurado who portrays Chayong’s lover. In the story, the three are caught up in a love triangle.



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This steamy erotic thriller is about Danny, a student, who ends up having an affair with his neighbor’s wife.  It bagged the Best Cinematography Award in 1986.  




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Again, the veteran director did another thrilling horror movie called Tiyanak. The 1988 hair-raising flick starred Janice De Belen who starts to notice that the abandoned baby that she takes in is an evil monster. 




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The 1995 movie Batang X which depicts the story of five children with superpowers, that were kidnapped by an alien stranded on earth who is in need of their powers to utilize this as the source of energy for its spaceship.




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Who will ever forget Peque’s fantasy-adventure masterpiece Magic Temple in 1996?

In this family-oriented film, the magical world of Samadhi is threatened by evil forces and it is up to three boys, Sambag, Omar and Jubal to stop them with their powers. Jason Salcedo, Marc Solis and Junell Hernando star as the 3 main characters of the movie. 

In the same year, Peque took home the Best Director Award at the Metro Manila Film Festival. 



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In the 1997 adventure movie Magic Kingdom, Amain, played by Jun Urbano, and his warrior trainees, Jobert, Samuel and Oman, portrayed by Jason Salcedo, Junell Hernando and Janus del Prado, go out of their way to protect Princess Dahlia (Anne Curtis), including the kingdom of Damortis, from evil forces. 



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In this 1998 film, a group of teenagers accidentally find themselves left with a bag of drugs. When they decide to give it back to those who own it, they suddenly find themselves in a big mess and are caught in a gang war.  



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Veteran actress Nora Aunor stars in the riveting Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos in 1976 as Rosario, who falls in love with a Japanese soldier during the Japanese occupation. She is then put in a tough disposition as the whole town turns against her when they find out about their relationship.