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Everybody stans an unbothered queen! 

Being a public figure has its downside, and it's being exposed to a wide range of audiences that includes negative people who always have something to say.

Five years ago, Kathryn Bernardo did a video reacting to ‘mean comments’ about her. The Box Office Queen did an upgraded version of the challenge in her latest upload on her Youtube channel.

Scroll down for five life lessons Kathryn Bernardo shared on her latest vlog:

Embrace your flaws

Kathryn Bernardo’s insecurity with regard to her legs is known to everyone. They have witnessed her struggle, especially when people constantly pointed it out.


Screen Captured from Kathryn Bernardo’s Youtube Channel


But now, she shared how she made peace with the fact that it is part of who she is. She said, “Over the years, natutunan ko tanggapin ang legs ko.” 

She also thanked her beau, Daniel Padilla, for helping her realize that she should not feel insecure about it. Kath said, “Through DJ, na-overcome ko yung insecurity ko about my legs.”

Be unapologetic

Kathryn Bernardo talked about how she is always dubbed as pabebe because of the way she talks. “Ganito talaga ako magsalita, very nasal.”


Screen Captured from Kathryn Bernardo’s Youtube Channel


The actress also addressed the issue by saying, “Alam niyo aminado ako 'pag sinasabihan ng pabebe na kasama ko si DJ.”

Yup, she’s unapologetic about it and if your boyfriend is Daniel Padilla, who wouldn’t be pabebe, right?

You can’t please everybody

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t please everybody.

Despite being one of the most sought-after actresses of today, Kathryn Bernardo is well-aware that some people are not so fond of her.


Screen Captured from Kathryn Bernardo’s Youtube Channel


As a response to her bashers, she simply says, “Ang gawin nalang natin, i-mute niyo kami sa mga buhay niyo. We can’t please everybody.”


Stand up for your family

People have versions of their Kryptonite—their utmost weakness. For Kathryn, it’s her family.


Photo from Instagram (bernardokath)

Kathryn Bernardo admits that it’s a different kind of story for her when bashers trample not just her but also her family. She emphasized, “Uy, grabe ‘yung mga nagba-bash na sinasama pamilya ko at pamangkin ko. Jusko. Wag kayong ganyan ha. Grabe ‘yan.”

Don’t let negativity stay in you

The actress believes that if there is a way for you to avoid people who only bring negativity, then do yourself a favor and do it.


Screen Captured from Kathryn Bernardo’s Youtube Channel


In her case, she turned off the comments section on her Instagram to avoid bad vibes. She also said, “Ang daming time talaga ng bashers but ngayon talaga hindi na ako nabo-bother.”


Noted, Kathryn