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It has been almost two months since the enhanced community quarantine was implemented. Gyms and other fitness facilities have been temporarily closed.

For some celebs, it’s not an excuse to slack off on their workout routines. Aside from eating healthy food and keeping the surrounding clean and sanitized, exercising is also a necessity to combat the threat of COVID-19.

Here are stars that will surely be your fitspiration this ECQ:

Maja Salvador

Hot couple alert! For Maja Salvador and her boyfriend Rambo Nunez, babe time is composed of sweaty workout sessions and fun activities to keep their bodies fit and healthy.


Photo from Instagram (iammajasalvador)

This couple even made the #MamboWorkoutChallenge to encourage fans to try working out, especially during this time where a healthy body is a must to avoid getting sick.


Photo from Instagram (iammajasalvador)

On her Instagram account, Maja Salvador constantly posts updates about their workouts and it’s evident that they’re having fun together!


Jake Cuenca

Have you ever wondered how Jake Cuenca maintains his man-of-steel physique?


Photo from Instagram (juancarloscuenca)

The Los Bastardos actor doesn’t let a day pass without him doing sprint intervals at home. On his Instagram account, he can be seen enjoying his indoor bicycle a lot. Those eye-candy abs are surely the result of consistent workouts. #Goals!


Jericho Rosales

If your body clock is a mess and you’re having a hard time sleeping at night, actor Jericho Rosales’s workout tips might just work for you.

On his Instagram account, he posted a video of his workout session with a friend. He writes:

Photo from Instagram (jerichorosalesofficial)

“Magworkout sa umaga at labanan ang insomnia. Walang makulit na isip sa mainit na workout! Pagurin na sarili dahil mamaya’y #gabinanaman at baka ikaw na lang ang gising. Gets mo naman feeling ng magisa diba?”

Photo from Instagram (jerichorosalesofficial)

In the same post, Jericho Rosales also encouraged his fans to spice things up and try working out with a friend so one can turn a simple work out session into fun kulitan moments.

“Humanap ka ng karamay pero gawin mong masaya. Kunyari nasasaktan ka rin.”


Kim Chiu

The Chinita Princess is vocal on her Instagram account about how much she enjoys working out. Almost every day, fans get updates from her workout and they can’t help but be in awe of Kim’s dedication when it comes to keeping her body fit and healthy.


Photo from Instagram (chinitaprincess)

The Love Thy Woman actress doesn't need heavy equipment for her workout routines. A simple jump rope and a hula hoop she just found at home are already enough for her sweaty sessions.


Photo from Instagram (chinitaprincess)

“Found this hula hoop while cleaning upstairs,. Might as well use this for another round of #1000circleschallenge #hulahoopchallenge lets go!!!?”

Kathryn Bernardo

Even before the community quarantine was implemented, fans are already aware of how Kathryn Bernardo is devoted to keeping her body toned and strong through working out.

Photo from Instagram (bernardokath)

Even though gym facilities are closed, it’s no excuse for the Box Office Queen to stop her daily workout routine. She shares updates on her Instagram Stories about her workouts from time to time.


Photo from Instagram (bernardokath)

We also want to know how she manages to stay pretty even after an intense workout sesh!

Matteo Guidicelli

Aside from enjoying his married life, it looks like Matteo Guidicelli is also having a great time maintaining his muscles that are to die for!


Photo from Instagram (matteog)

He posted a video of him working out on his Instagram account with the caption:

“Today’s workout! 10km run with @flyingdonv, plus body weight exercises. Pull ups - dips - push ups - sit ups. Let’s go guys! Keep healthy and active! God bless all! Positive Sunday!  thank you pala fitness coach, @ranvelrufino. stay hard!”

Photo from Instagram (matteog)

Having enough time to workout is considered a gift for Matteo, considering his jam-packed schedule before. He writes: “Intense morning with papa @gguidicelli ! Thankful to be able to workout and keep healthy everyday. Keep fit guys! Push!”