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 You might have already heard of Park Seo Joon, whose name has been making waves online due to the hit series Itaewon Class, which has a riveting, contemporary storyline that also tackles various social issues not usually seen on other series.

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But even before Itaewon Class became such a massive hit, Seo-Joon already starred in a couple of series, which cemented his name as one of the most sought-after Korean actors to date. 

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Scroll down to see some of Seo-Joon’s most memorable shows—and add them to your quarantine playlist! 



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Seo Joon came out in the 2015 romantic comedy show She Was Pretty and played the role of Ji Sung-Joon. Sung-Joon starts off as someone who was bullied for being overweight, and was considered ugly by his peers. He then grows up to be a handsome, successful but arrogant fashion editor of a magazine, who reunites with his first love in a complicated, surprising way.


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This time, Seo-Joon is Kim Sun-Woo in the drama show Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Sun-Woo, who isn’t of noble birth, is part of a group called Hwarang, which consists of young warriors whose goals are to eradicate the powers of the nobles. Sun-Woo tries to make something of himself in hopes of becoming a legendary warrior.


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In 2017, Seo-Joon came out in the television series Fight For My Way as Ko Dong-Man. In this romantic drama, Seo-Joon’s character tries to achieve his dreams of becoming a martial arts fighter, and at the same time starts developing feelings for his longtime friend Choi Ae Ra.  


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Seo-Joon is Lee Young-Joon in the TV series What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, an  ambitious yet arrogant individual who falls for his secretary Kim Mi-So. When word got to him that she wanted to resign, he was baffled and did what he could to win her over. 



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Apart from making series, Seo Jun also took part in the film Parasite, which won Best Picture at the Oscars this year. This was definitely a treat for Seo-Joon to be part of this project, and played the small role of Min-Hyuk, a student who comes from a privileged family, who will serve as the bridge between the two main protagonists in the plot.