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It comes as no surprise that the Korean drama series The World Of The Married is the new favorite of Filipino audiences, as its steamy and engrossing storyline proves that it is more than just another tale of love and loyalty.


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Kim Hee-Ae plays Ji Sun-Woo, an established doctor whose world is turned upside down when she finds out that her husband Lee Tae-Oh, played by Park Hae-Joon, is having an affair with Han So-Hee’s character, Yeo Da-Kyung.

To find out more about this riveting series, here are some of the most intense scenes that will surely leave you wanting for more!



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Photo from Youtube (@ihwanitcom)

Photo from Youtube (@ihwanitcom)

During her husband’s birthday party, Sun-Woo already has a hunch that her husband is having an affair. Following her suspicions, she finds some items in his car that fueled her speculations. And what was she holding scissors for, though?  We'll keep you guessing!   




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In this scene, Da-Kyung, the 'third party', is growing impatient and jealous of Lee Tae-Oh and his wife, especially when he declared his love for her while making his birthday speech. 

She is also starting to have some doubts about how he really feels about her.  Will Tae-Oh allow his hot girlfriend to leave him, or will he have to make serious decisions?  




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Photo from Youtube (@viuphilippines)

Da-Kyung goes for a checkup and tells Sun-Woo, a doctor, that she is experiencing body pains all over.  What is revealed in this tense scene—with the wife in front of the mistress—will change the course of their lives forever.  




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Photo from Youtube (@b&cchannel)

Sun-Woo lashes out at her husband Tae-Oh, for getting involved with Da-Kyung.  It seems like the problem won't be just between husband and wife—but who will take custody of their son. 

With every episode, this series continues to leave us #shookt!


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