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In the midst of the chaos and confusion surrounding the COVID-19 scare, one thing is certain: we owe a great deal to our dear frontliners who have willingly accepted the challenge of going to “ground zero” of this pandemic.

It is a roller coaster of emotions to have someone close to you battle with the virus everyday—and that is what some celebrities are now feeling.

Here are celebrities with family members who are frontliners, whom we consider modern-day heroes:

Maris Racal

Maris Racal openly tells her social media followers how worried her sister is that she might be a carrier of #COVID-19 since she is a frontliner. She pens:

Photo from Instagram (mariesteller)

“My sister, a nurse, made this because she’s scared she might be a carrier. Kung nagtatrabaho po kayo pls gayahin niyo po ito. PLEASE SANITIZE, SHOWER, AND CHANGE CLOTHES! Please take care of yourselves and your families.”

She also shared a few tips her followers can copy to avoid spreading the virus around the house.

Photo from Instagram (mariesteller)

Gretchen Ho

Recently, Umagang Kay Ganda host Gretchen Ho revealed to the public that her brother Justin Ho is part of the brave frontliners of the Philippine General Hospital. Dr. Ho is a pediatrician who specializes in infectious diseases for children.

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She also showed how proud she is when she posted a video on Instagram where his brother was featured on Al Jazeera, a global news organization based in Doha, Qatar. She captions:
“My Soldier in the #Covid19 War: Just a little bit of #Happinews for today. Our family’s pride, my brother Justin Ho (@pediathleete) got featured on Al Jazeera! He’s an Infectious Diseases Pediatrician from PGH who now has to look into Adult cases as well due to lack in manpower.*

Clips from Gretchen Ho’s IG Tv

"We’ve all had to adjust. Nobody was prepared for this. But each second we waste in this war leads to more lives lost.”

Gretchen Ho also encouraged our kababayans to focus more on the matter at hand.

“I just think we should bring back the spotlight to these frontliners instead of doing politics. The real enemy is the #CoronaVirus and not each other! Let’s all get our act together before it’s too late. Remember, we have their (doctors, nurses & patients) lives on the line.”

Ruby Rodriguez

“Be at peace. Do not worry about us anymore. Have fun in heaven! Love you so much.”

On Instagram, Ruby Rodriquez bid her elder sister, Sally, farewell. Dr. Sally is the Philippine Pediatric Society's president. She passed away March 26, after battling COVID-19.


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Rodriguez also shared on the same Instagram post what she will miss the most now that her Manang Sally is gone. She writes:


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“We will only remember you with happy memories: Laughing and sleeping; your Johnson outfits and all; how you loved bling-bling; your coiffed hair every day, your K-drama addiction. (You got me hooked, too.) I will make you kwento what I have seen last, Our Sunday lunches, our ‘bonding trips’ that only you and I do, since our siblings are in the United States. A lot of happy and fond memories! I love you so much, my big sister. Smile!”

K Brosas


Photo from Instagram (kbrosas)

Comedian and actress K Brosas took to Instagram, and shares how she is saddened and worried that her registered nurse, Ate Emily, is currently fighting to control the spread of Covid-19 in Italy.


Photo from Instagram (kbrosas)

She said, “This is my ate emily, a registered nurse SA italy.. actually buong family ko nasa italy matagal na.. bigla akong na sad.. pls pray for our hardworking health workers/frontliners ????????”

Vice Ganda

During the It’s Showtime Online show, Unkabogable Vice Ganda shared his sentiments regarding the current situation of his frontliner sister, Dr. Trina Viceral.



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According to Vice, his sister is currently self-quarantined every time she goes home from work.

“Ang lungkot ng buhay niya, kasi sa ospital, pag uuwi siya ng bahay, hindi siya puwedeng lumabas ng kwarto. Hindi niya nakakasalamuha yung nanay ko, hindi siya puwedeng tumabi sa nanay ko. Kasi nanay ko, matanda na… ang mga kapatid ko, mga pamangkin ko…”

“So, pagkagaling sa ospital, from the sasakyan, diretso siya ng kuwarto. Dinadalhan lang siya ng pagkain.”

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Whenever Dr. Trina is clouded with fear because of the virus, Vice Ganda is always there to remind her to be strong.

“Your faith must always be stronger than your fears,” said Vice to his sister.