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In an effort to further stop the spread of the coronavirus, the government has declared an enhanced community quarantine in the entire Luzon. This caused the suspension of mass transportation, as well as postponements of many business transactions, classes, and more social activities.

Still, there are those who don't have the privilege to do social distancing, such as health workers who are needed by the sick and low-income families who cannot afford to miss work. For those who can stay at home as long as they can, doing so can minimize contact, and help themselves and those at risk from COVID-19.

Celebrities are also doing their part and making the most of their time as they practice social distancing during the quarantine. Scroll down below for the activities that keep themselves busy and productive.

Kim Chiu

Photo from Instagram (chinitaprincess)

For the Love Thy Woman star Kim Chiu, working out at home is one of the best ways to spend your time during quarantine. Instead of gym instructors, she watches YouTube videos to guide her exercises. Doing it along with loved ones also adds to the fun!

Maja Salvador

Photo from Instagram (iammajasalvador)

In order to keep herself entertained during quarantine, Maja Salvador prefers to relax and watch as she likes in the comfort of her bed. Doing so can keep your mind off too much stress during these times, too.

Karla Estrada

Photo from Instagram (karlaestrada1121)

Momshie Karla found her productive activity of choice: focusing on getting better at cooking! It's surely a useful skill with lots of yummy benefits, even after the quarantine is over.

Coleen Garcia

Photo from Instagram (coleen)

Playing indoor games with your loved ones is a great way to prevent boredom while you're stuck at home. On her Instagram, Coleen Garcia posted a photo of herself playing mahjong, something she just learned to play during quarantine.

Angel Locsin

Photo from Instagram (therealangellocsin)

More than ever, you can finally spend time with your pets at home. The same way we do with our friends and family, we also shouldn't neglect them during this time of crisis, and Angel Locsin definitely knows it.

AC Bonifacio

Photo from Instagram (acbonifacio)

Now is the time to focus on that one hobby you've been "too busy for". For AC Bonifacio, it's making art, as she recently posted her beautiful landscape artwork alongside her palette of pretty watercolors.

Donny Pangilinan

Photo from Instagram (donny)

Donny and many other celebs also can't resist the allure of TikTok and did a video during quarantine to pass the time. Hey, it's quick, easy to do, and it's too much fun!

Heart Evangelista

Photo from Instagram (iamhearte)

Heart Evangelista does her part as she continues to stay at home during the lockdown, and she makes the most of it through reading books. On her IG Story, she posted a classic book titled Love in the Time of Cholera (quite timely) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Kyle Echarri

Photo from Instagram (kyleecharri)

You don't have to roam around outside if you happen to have a backyard. Kyle Echarri didn't need to go somewhere far as he revisited something he used to love as a kid—his motorcycle when he was eight! He reposted the IG Story from his mom, who reminds us of not taking things for granted, as she says it's "making the most of the time we have."