It has been two weeks since the enhanced quarantine was implemented, when everyone is required to stay indoors to control the spread of #COVID-19.

Currently, everyone is just making the most of their time at home amidst this crisis. Some took this opportunity to learn new things and gain more knowledge while others are just enjoying the company of their families—and of course, their pets.

Angel Locsin with Pwetpwet

Solid Angel Locsin fan or not, you must have heard of the super cute Pwetpwet.
Pwetpwet is a Bichon Frise, a dog breed that loves to learn tricks, and they’re highly trainable but take note, when training them you need to be firm and gentle for harsh corrections will break a Bichon’s heart.

Photo from Instagram (therealangellocsin)


According to, the Bichon Frise is a small dog breed with a love of mischief and a lot of enthusiasm and love to give. With his black eyes and fluffy white coat, the Bichon looks almost like a child’s toy. No wonder Angel can’t get enough of her Pwetpwet!

She recently posted a photo of her and her adorable pet, encouraging her followers to stay indoors during the quarantine. She writes: “Help our health workers. STAY HOME. Spend time with your fur babies????”

Nadine Lustre with Calcifer Pendragon

Everybody knows our Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre has a soft spot for dogs, especially Corgis— the breed she always wanted to have.

It was last year when she finally gave in: Nadine, together with her then-boyfriend James Reid, adopted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from a family-run adoption based in Quezon City.

Photo from Instagram (nadine)

The couple named their furbaby oozing with cuteness Calcifer Pendragon, or Cal, for short.

Corgis are known for their intelligence. describes Pembroke Welsh corgis as ‘active, animated dogs and do not ever want to be left out of the action. In their own minds, they are big dogs in small bodies." Looks like Nadine found the right dog for her!

Now that we’re in quarantine, Cal is Nadine’s animated alarm clock. She shared a photo of her dog on Instagram with a caption, “My 7am alarm.” A dog is truly a man’s best friend, especially during this time where social distancing is advised.

Yassi Pressman with Rolee

Yassi Pressman is definitely into animals. She introduced the snakes, Fluffy and Sky as part of the #pressmanzoo.

Now, there is an addition to their family. Rolee the American Bully is named after the initials of her late father Ronnie Pressman, who just recently passed away.

American Bully dogs aren’t the type of dogs you should avoid because of its looks and the name itself. They might be called ‘bully’—but they’re nothing but loving to its human parents. Sources like say American Bullies are thick, beautiful, impressive muscular dogs with a great disposition towards other dogs, people and children. When bred correctly, they are athletic and love moving a lot.

Photo from Instagram (yassipressman)

The Ang Probinsyano actress enthusiastically shared with her followers a statement released by the World Health Organization. She writes: “There is no evidence that pets such as dogs can get and transmit CoVid-19.” That means more time to bond with Rolee!

Kylie Verzosa with Leo and Nuggie

The Los Bastardos Actress, Kylie Verzosa is definitely a dog-lover, and being a dog momma doesn’t stop with owning just one.

While she has Nuggie, a bulldog, recently Kylie introduced her newest baby, Leo the Poodle Doo.

Based on, “Poodles Doodles also have a reputation for being low shedding, laid-back, good natured, smart, family dogs.” While the bulldog is highly appreciated for its patience and affection with children, making them excellent family pets.

Photo from Instagram(kylieverzosa)

Kylie is making the most of the enhanced community quarantine by bonding with furry kids. She shared a cute photo on her Instagram that made us all giggle because of the good vibe it emanates: “It was close to impossible to get a decent photo with my two naughty boys ?? So grateful to be able to spend this time with the people we love and these fur babies ?? @nuggiethebulldog @leothepoodledoo”