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After many weeks of the hit Korean drama Crash Landing On You aka CLOY fever in the Philippines, fans still can’t get over the series. 

One of the main reasons is how CLOY fans find the lead actor Hyun Bin charming and admirable. 
One of them is the Megastar Sharon Cuneta who recently posted a photo of the actor on Instagram. In her post, she wrote, “Hello everyone! How’ve you all been? I hope all’s been well with you all. Me, still resting, getting myself back together, and by God’s grace, getting better everyday. Also, someone crash landed into my heart really hard. And now we are in a Secret Garden. LOL. Is this it, Gong Yoo? Hyun Bin, my heeeaaaaarrrt...” 

Photo from Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)

Another celebrity who finds Hyun Bin impressive is no other than the ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer (and certified fan) Charo Santos-Concio. In an ABS-CBN News report, she compared the King of Hearts Daniel Padilla to the Korean heartthrob when it comes to acting. Like Hyun Bin, she feels Daniel has the same level of professionalism: “Magaling. He has the instincts of an actor. He does his homework. Inaaral niya ang character niya. Sa set naman, maalaga siya.”  

Photo from Instagram (@black_sheepph)

Charo added that she hopes Daniel could someday become like Hyun Bin:  “Nagkita nga kami nung Friday (ni Daniel). Nag-dub kami (for their movie, Whether the Weather is Fine). Sabi ko, I hope you evolve into a Hyun Bin. Pero sabi ko ‘Bata ka pa naman, you’re allowed to have your adventure.’ But if he matures… you see naman how he takes care of Kathryn.”

With his ageless appeal and great talent in acting, Hyun Bin put his fans under a spell. Everyone wants to know more about him now, so we listed things you need to know about Hyun Bin!

Photo from Instagram (hyunbin_actor)

He is 37 years old

Photo from Instagram (hyunbin_actor)

Hyun Bin was born on September 25, 1982 as stated on his management website Vastenm.com. That makes the handsome actor’s international age 37. With such a sophisticated and manly appearance at his age, girls can't help but swoon over him!

He is the same guy in Secret Garden

Movie Poster from Hwa&Da Pictures

 In 2011, another hit K-drama Secret Garden became popular in the Philippines where fans fell for the rich, smart, and handsome guy who runs a luxurious department store. Little did they know that Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You is the same guy they once had a crush on. 

His real name is Kim Tae-pyung

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In one of his interviews with KBS World where he elaborated on his military enlistment, the actor said, “In my twenties, I spent most of time analyzing the works and characters that I had to play, but I want to concentrate on only myself for the next two years and I want to find my own world, the world of the human being named Kim Tae-pyung.”

He donated a huge amount of money to help fight coronavirus 

Photo from Vast Entertainment

In a report by the K-pop news site Koreaboo.com, it was revealed that Hyun Bin donated 200 million won (around 8.4 million pesos) to the Community Chest of Korea to fight the coronavirus pandemic in his country. 

The Korean actor penned a message to express his worry to his fellow residents prior to the donation. 

Koreaboo.com translated his message, “You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying over the coronavirus disease 2019 which is occurring all over the world and throughout Asia including China and Japan as well as Korea. I’d like to ask after your health at least by writing to express my worry over whether the place you are at is safe …”

He is not dating Son Ye Jin

Photo from koreaboo.com

Dating rumors started to strengthen when fans speculated Crash Landing On You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin were holding hands underneath a table, from a photo taken during their shooting days for the hit K-drama series. 

However, Hyun Bin’s agency clarified that it was only Son Ye-Jin holding her own hand. 

According to PUSH.com, their respective agencies already shut dating rumors in 2019. Still, we can't help but get kilig over the believable portrayal of their onscreen romance!