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It's no surprise that the K-drama series Crash Landing on You has paraglided its way into our hearts—not only does it boast a stellar cast and a gripping story, but the chemistry between the two main leads makes us all sigh and say sana all

The pairing of Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se Ri, played by top Korean stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, is cute, charming, and makes you want to believe that love truly knows no borders. 

SPOILER ALERT: Let's break down some of the most precious #RiRiCouple moments below. 

5. Light my way

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Let's start off with a touching scene in the series, when Seri got lost in a small market in North Korea. A surge of relief washed over her as she saw Jeong-hyeok, who learned and remembered Seri's love for scented candles, holding up a scented candle in the crowd so she can find him. It's a totally sweet moment that deepened their connection early in the series!

4. Classic bike scene

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In episode 4, Jeong-hyeok was riding a bike as he waited for Seri outside one of the village women's houses. He rode back and forth to make it look like he just happened to pass by the house. Afterward came the classic bike scene—where the #RiRiCouple shared a sweet moment riding a bike. It got us wanting to ride across beautiful scenery too with a dreamboat like Hyun Bin!

3. A kilig appearance

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CLOY has a lot of twists and turns, and in one particular scene, fans could be heard screaming with so much kilig from the unexpected surprise. Just like Seri who has been missing Captain Ri, they also couldn't believe the part when he finally appeared right in front of her in South Korea!

2. A symbol of love

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Another romantic moment happened on Seri's birthday. During this scene, Jeong-hyeok was perceptibly nervous about giving her a gift. When Seri grabbed it from him, it turned out to be a ring that's a little too big for her. That's because it's actually his—he's bought a couple rings for them, and he sweetly puts on her finger a ring that perfectly suits her!

1. As fate would have it

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If you've read this far, you've probably braced yourself for the ultimate spoiler: the much-awaited ending! Episode 16 tied up all loose ends and wowed audiences with an ending that everybody hoped for but did not expect at the last minute. With Jeong Hyeok waiting to send her a text after a year, and finally reuniting in Switzerland where edelweiss flowers grow is a happy, fairy tale ending for Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri, sealed with a kiss! Aww, we'll truly miss this couple!