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If you think the Crash Landing On You fever has already lost its novelty, well, think again!

The kilig fever continues and K-drama fans are craving for more.

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We’ve been introduced to the main characters Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin a couple of times, but the entire #CLOY mania isn’t only because of the main characters.

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The success of this well-acclaimed series also rests on other cast members who make our hearts skip a beat with their charming antics (and cuteness factor!).

Let’s get to know more of Captain Ri’s  team of Soldiers:

Junior Soldier Keum Eun Dong (Tang Joon Sang)

Tang Joon Sang may be the youngest amongst the five soldiers but he is definitely one of the cutest. This 16-year-old actor already starred in different projects before #CLOY!

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Aside from acting, it looks like the maknae or youngest of The Company Five is into football. He posted a video of himself on Instagram showcasing his sports skills. Cute!

Soldier Kim Joo Muk (Yoo Soon Bin)

This 27-year-old hottie surely satisfies our cravings for #CrashLandingOnYou behind-the-scenes on his Instagram, which currently has 233,000 followers with an average of 70,000 likes per post.



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Just like us ordinary humans, this guy is also a fanboy of his crush, Choi Ji Woo. As a parting gift, Yoon Se Ri promised to help him meet her crush.

When the two finally met during a scene, Yoo Soon Bin described the experience as an “extremely precious and meaningful scene.”

You think he is above the drama addiction? Yoo Soon Bin also sneakily binge-watches dramas while at work. We certainly hope he won’t get caught, though.

His deep knowledge about South Korean culture is also a plus point for us. We are so into guys who know his heritage!

Yoo Soon Bin also appeared in numerous movies, drama series and TV movies, one of which is The Present, a movie where he played the part of Yoo Young-Bok.

Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom (Lee Shin Young)

Can’t help gushing about this gwapo actor, too? We all can relate. Lee Shin Young is everyone’s crush and with his oozing boyish charisma, and we can certainly see why. Heart eyes for you, Staff Sergeant.

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Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom is played by Lee Shin Young, a 21-year-old actor who is currently a newbie in acting. #CLOY is his first ever TV drama and we can’t wait to see more of him.

Sergeant Major Pyo Chi Soo (Yang Kyung Won)

Before Crash Landing on You, Yang Kyung Won starred in a movie called Sori:The Voice From The Heart but now he is Sergeant Major Pyo Chi who makes us sigh because of his love-hate relationship with Se-ri, but we all know he is after Se-ri’s welfare as well.

In real life, he makes us blush with his sweetness, especially when he said: Son Ye-Jin is too beautiful to hate.

In a cooking show that aired last March 4,Yang Kyung Won admitted that he was having a hard time acting that he 'hated' Se-ri in the series. Thanks to his poor eyesight, he was able to nail it!

He also praised Hyun Bin’s handsomeness, saying, “I couldn’t meet Hyun Bin’s eyes. Handsomeness just exudes from his entire body.”

Photo from Instagram (leesin_y)

Unfortunately he doesn't have Instagram. Don’t be sad though, he is frequently featured in his colleagues’ accounts, so we won’t experience a scarcity of shots of the noble Sergeant Major Pyo Chi.