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Who can forget Tudis of Ang Tanging Ina or Karen of Got 2 Believe? These are just a few of the notable roles the lovable Nikki Valdez has played throughout her career that spans two decades. 

Starstudio.ph was given the privilege to visit her home—which at this time was smelling like heaven, and for a delicious reason.

Nikki Valdez as a child

Ma. Alinica Valdez  Garcia takes us to a walk down memory lane as she shares glimpses of her younger years.

She begins: “Medyo boyish ako, I like hanging out and doing boy stuff.” Hailing from San Pedro, Laguna, the young Nikki enjoyed outdoor activities such as rollerblading, volleyball, and biking. She even recalls how she would go out with her cousins to mountain hikes and enjoy the stunning view.

Nikki was also an active choir member and was always present whenever there is a church activity. “I grew up being a member of a choir, siguro up until I think I was high school.”

According to her, it's where she developed her singing, which gave her the chance to enter the world of show business.

How she entered the showbiz scene

Summer of 1996—she was at her cousin's house when 80s balladeer Marco Sison was being interviewed in a showbiz talk show back then called Cristy Per Minute. Marco announced to the public that she will be having a summer workshop. Nikki’s mom, Mommy Norma, immediately asked her to give it a shot. At first, she was hesitant, telling her mom, “Ayoko ma, eh kasi mag-a-audition, baka hindi ako matanggap."

“One fear of mine is failure and rejection,” says Nikki. However, when the day of the audition came, her mom and grandmother were adamant that she should join.

“Wala akong prepared materials noon, I just grabbed whatever materials or music that I had there."

Unprepared, Nikki and her mother went to University of Perpetual Help System Laguna for the audition, a town away from the family's hometown of San Pedro. During the audition proper, Nikki Valdez shared how nervous she was because other contestants were being asked to stop midway during their performance. When it was finally her turn, she sang Let the Pain Remain by Rachel Alejandro. She fondly shares how she will never forget that piece.

Everything about the audition is still vivid in her memory as she recalls: “Eh 'di ayun, kumanta ako, ‘tas tumigil na ako kasi yung mga nauna sakin, tumitigil? Sabi nila ‘ay hindi, continue’ so they made me finish the whole song and sabi nila ‘alright, we’re getting you,’ ganun!”

Out of all the talents Marco Sison had during that time, Nikki Valdez stood out the most. He told Nikki, “I want to bring you to ABS-CBN for an audition.”

After the audition, Nikki thought she failed to make the cut because she never got a call back. However, it turns out the staff just had a hard time reaching her!

Nikki Valdez with Jolina Magdangal.

Photos from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

“You know how I was informed? Through telegram. Kaya hindi na ako umabot sa Star Circle Batch 3, sabi nila sa Batch 4 ka na ilalaunch, kasi there is no time. You still need to undergo workshops, so yun. That’s how it happened.”


Photo from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

Nikki’s journey to becoming a star proves that some things are meant for you, no matter how long the delays might be. Years later, she has become a household name.

The struggles behind the limelight

Nikki Valdez never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would become a celebrity. She discloses that one of her greatest aspirations was to become an interior designer. “My first choice was Interior Design, kasi ang dami kong ideas. Ano ako eh, frustrated interior designer.”

Yet, destiny led her to somewhere else.

Tabing ilog girls, Desiree del Valle, Jodi Sta. Maria, Nikki Valdez and Kaye Abad.

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Even before Nikki Valdez became a celebrity, she also experienced hard times. After graduating from high school, she did not have the chance to study college right away because her family was struggling during those days.

Photos from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

Her desire to finish schooling didn't fade away despite such hindrances, however. When she already had the means to pursue college, she enrolled the moment she could. She said, “Parang hinanap ko 'yung ano ko—to finish school, to get into college, So I did. I took my chance.”

She juggled both work and education, but when things started to take a toll on her, she decided she needed to set aside some things for now.

According to her, “School had to take a backseat because showbiz was my bread and butter, and sabi ko, paano ako mag-aaral kung hindi ako magtatrabaho nung time na 'yun?”

It's a good thing she has supportive parents who were always by her side to guide her.

A mother’s love for her child is truly unconditional. Mommy Norma had to give up her job back then so she could take good care of her daughter. Her dad on the other hand is always at bay to drive for them during tapings.

Photos from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

Now that she is already a mother as well, Nikki is willing to do the same for her daughter, Olivia.

“As much as possible, when she has activities that would need my presence, I’m there. When I tell her I will be there, I will be there. Kasi kung ano lang naman kinalakihan mo, yun lang din maishashare mo sa children mo.”

Photos from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

Her daughter is turning 12 this year, and her condition is no secret to the public. Olivia has a congenital malformation in which her fingers have not fully developed. According to Nikki, accepting her daughter’s condition wasn’t that easy. At first, she was in denial, and she began to question her faith. But when Olivia was born, everything changed for Nikki.

“Nung lumabas siya, ginanun niya yung kamay niya sakin, sabi ko, ‘Ay ganda ng anak ko.’ Ayun sa una, puro fear, puro takot para sa anak ko, 'yun pala, siya pa magbibigay ng lakas ng loob. Siya 'yung nagbigay sa'kin nung may mas empathy ako sa mga batang ganun ang condition—but I learned from her."

Nikki Valdez also had her fair share of heartaches. Even before she met her Prince Charming and experienced her own happily-ever-after, she had to endure a series of heartbreaking moments—one of which was the separation from her then-husband. Amidst the turmoil the separation gave her, Nikki bravely faced the obstacles head-on, for her daughter's sake.

Photo from Instagram (nikkivaldez_)

In her effort to heal her broken heart, she wanted to do something to set her mind elsewhere. That was her lightbulb moment—during those empty, low times, the smell of butter, and cream, and so much love, would slowly creep in, and happily fill those spaces.

The making of Miss Buttercream

It all started as a hobby, and an outlet for emotions that were piling up inside her—but as Nikki took classes one after another, she fell in love with baking even more.

However, this passion had to take the backseat for a time because she and her then-husband, who were both staying in Canada, had difficulty sorting things out between them.

Nikki had to go back to the Philippines—and when she did, she stumbled upon a brochure that made her remember her love for baking. And it prompted her to try again.


Her interest in baking heightened when she got a chance to join the class of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, led by two registered Filipina nurses whose passion was also to bake.

“Du'n ko natutunan magdecorate using buttercream, and I for one, am a fan of icing, pastries or cakes. I have a sweet tooth, so I said, ‘Ay, maybe this is something I want to do in the future’. 'Pag magbabake ako ng cake, ang gagamitin kong icing is buttercream icing.”


Nikki Valdez dedicated more and more time and effort in baking. She recalls:

“Umabot talaga ako sa point na yung mga taga taste test ko yung family ko. So, nung sinabi ng mommy ko nu'n na ‘Anak, para namang pati aso hindi kakainin yan. So ginawa ko siya nang ginawa, and finally when I served it to my friends at nakikita kong ready na sila, sabi ko, parang pwede na ako magtake ng orders.”


Thus, Miss Buttercream was born!


Although Nikki Valdez set to turn her passion into a business venture, she also had hesitations pushing through with it, because she did not know where she was headed to at first. But when people around her started believing in her capabilities—and enjoying her goodies—it gave her a boost of courage to finally turn it into a full-scale business.

Miss Buttercream turns into a booming business

It was in September 2016 when she started accepting orders. Four years later, everything is turning out great for the celebrity actress-turned-entrepreneur.

People are starting to notice her cakes, and inquiries started to come in, one after another. From weddings to birthdays, you name it! People are setting up appointments months before the event just so she can accommodate them. Coupled with the sweet taste of a new relationship that ended in a beautiful marriage, Nikki is all set to serve—and set for life.

Currently, she has two cake flavors—red velvet cocoa and classic butter, but she reveals that she might come out with a new one soon.


She also gave us a peek on how she handles customers and the process of designing itself. “Of course, they tell me how they want the cake to look like, and I send them pegs, but I still add my touch to it.”


When asked what is the most fulfilling part of her baking journey, she answered, “In all their milestones, I am there through my cake. Kaya it’s more than pag sinasabi nilang, ‘Oh I like the cake, it’s very beautiful'—it’s me being a part of their lives. It makes me happy. Iba yung nabibigay niya sa'kin na happiness.”

Nikki Valdez and her love for baking taught us that it’s never too late to pursue what you really love, no matter how long it takes.

Scroll down below to check out how she does her magic!

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