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The new year brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings. For some, it comes in the form of jotting down their New Year’s resolutions, a tradition where you have to follow a new set of habits that will help you better your lifestyle. 

Listing down what you want to change in your life may be a walk in the park, but following through is a different story entirely. This made us curious as to whether our favorite celebrities were able to be determined enough with regard to their New Year’s resolutions in 2019. See who accomplished their mission this year! 

Inigo Pascual

“To have more collaborations, and I feel like this year dun ko talaga nagawa yung pinakamadami kong collaborations with different artists,” Inigo reveals. “Sobrang saya ko naman, syempre. 2020, I wanna continue that.” Inigo is especially excited whenever he is granted the opportunity to collaborate with people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds.

Enrique Gil

“I’ve been eating very healthy compared to last year,” says Enrique, who also accomplished his 2019 goals. “I lost weight...that was also good.” He also mentions how he’s also become more punctual when it comes to his appointments.

Ria Atayde

“My New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to love myself more, and I think I was able to do that,” says Ria, who brims with confidence as she answers the question. “It took a lot of hard work and a lot of crying pero yeah, I feel like I was able to fulfill it...I learned to say no to people, forced myself to say no. I learned to focus on myself and not really dwell on what people think. And yeah, I think it was just a lot of work emotionally.”

Fifth Solomon

“Ang New Year’s resolution ko ng 2019 ay magpaganda ng katawan,” says Fifth, who said that he managed to accomplish this feat, remarking that he’s proud of the state of his chest, although he has yet to have his dream abs.

Kathryn Bernardo

“I am proud to say nagawa ko siya,” says Kathryn. And her main goal for the year was...to drink a lot of water! For 2019 overall, Kathryn said she focused more on second chances and growth, which her fans definitely witnessed this year, especially from her acclaimed role in the film Hello, Love, Goodbye.