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From their trendy wardrobe right down to their upbeat music, SB19 doesn’t have a problem blending into the list of all-things K-pop, but make no mistake: these boys are all-Pinoy, who recently happened to catch the attention of the masses from their talent in singing and dancing, as they moved to the beat of their K-pop inspired choreography and sound.

Photo from Instagram (officialsb19)

In July, they released their music video for their latest single titled Go Up. However, it was last September when their dance practice for the song blew up on social media, where they are seen showcasing their polished vocals and dance moves that earned praise among netizens. As of writing, their practice has reached more than 1 million views on Youtube while the music video has reached 3 million.

Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin are all trained from South Korea, and are being managed under the local branch of ShowBT, a Korean entertainment company. Like other K-pop groups, each member has their own roles to perform, with Sejun being the leader of the group.

It is easy to notice the K-pop influences through their productions, but beyond that, the group’s aim is to promote local talent and music. The group even revealed that they wrote the song, which is mainly composed of Tagalog.

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