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"13 years and I still love you." 

This statement by Nash Aguas on her girlfriend Mika dela Cruz’s Instagram post may seem like a typical declaration of love, but little do we know that it will soon cause a stir online as fans begin to unpeel the layers of what his comment could have possibly meant.

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In order to understand the whole picture, another name is brought into the scene: Nash’s previous love team partner and co-star Alexa Ilacad. Within those 13 years, NLEX, as fans fondly called them, was an onscreen pair for about five years until they parted ways in 2018.

By October of that year, Nash revealed that they both had a mutual understanding with one another, even if it did not progress into an official romantic relationship.

He soon declared afterward that he and Mika dela Cruz are now a couple.

At the time, Alexa had stated that she had known of Nash’s childhood crush with Mika. She also said she was alright with the whole thing, and that they were civil with one another.

And fast forward to now, where Nash’s ‘13-years’ comment snowballed into a viral discussion online, leading the press to ask about Alexa’s opinion about the matter during a press conference.

Alexa couldn’t help but question Nash’s statement.

In her interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Alexa finally expounded on her side:

She said, "Napaisip ako when I read that 13 years thing kasi inside that 13 years I was there so when you say that '13 years and I still love you,' where was I? Maybe that hour I cared but I said to myself, not worth your time, move on. I had 4 to 5 years of those 13 years."

Her response caught the attention of NLEX fans, going viral on Twitter with others relating to her and feeling sorry for the actress being allegedly disregarded by Nash’s comment.

Just as the issue continues to heat up, rumors also spread about Alexa allegedly cheating on Nash, which caused the rift in their relationship. In response to this, Alexa made her own statement during the presscon for her upcoming movie Santigwar: “When I saw I was trending, it was because his camp or his fans were bashing me and were trying to spread rumors about me. The same rumors that they have been spreading all these years since, I think, 2017, na parang sinasabi nila na I have no right to talk about that ‘13 years thing’ and all of that, because ako naman daw ang nanloko.”

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She then asked for proof regarding the cheating rumors. “Where would the fans get the idea na nanlalaki ako? Someone fed it to them. And who was that someone? It’s Nash. So, why would… you said you love me, would you do that to someone you love? Would you throw them under the bus over something that isn’t even true?”

Soon enough, the whole issue also escalated into something more. Another name that soon got entangled in the controversy was Sharlene San Pedro. Instead of relationship troubles, the topic this time was about bullying. According to Alexa, she got bullied by former Goin’ Bulilit co-stars, along with Sharlene, allegedly because of Nash Aguas.


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“I was so surprised na I woke up one day using my Twitter and I saw na they were teaming up against me,” she revealed during the presscon for Santigwar. “And then, I confirmed na it was real. At hindi lang sila, ‘yung buong group nila na ‘yung iba naman doon talaga, Goin’ Bulilit pa lang, binu-bully na ako."

Alexa said what stung the most was how her friend Sharlene San Pedro teamed up against her. The actress recalled, “I was really hurt, pinaka-hurt kay Sharlene because I thought we were friends. We were okay. Good kami. And then, ayun, nagulat ako one day na, ‘ano to?’ Inaaway nila kami ni Jairus [Aquino, a Goin’ Bulilit co-star], pinagtutulungan nila kami. “So, sabi ko, ‘saan ito nagsimula?’ And then I found out na inutusan daw ni Nash si Sharlene na gawin ‘yun.”

As to why she chose to speak now, she said, “Because I’m so tired, this is just so tiring, it’s been so long. And the fact na they’re still grilling me about it, I’m done. I’m gonna say everything once and for all para tapos na. Para tumigil na rin silang lahat.”

Sharlene and her camp have yet to respond. Jairus on the other hand chose to remain tight-lipped, wishing to put a stop to the whole issue. During the Christmas Trade Party, he said, “Alam niyo kasi kung maglalabas ako ng sarili kong istorya, may kanya-kanya pa rin kayong paniniwalaan eh, 'yung mga tao, so kung maglalabas pa po ako ng istorya lalo pang magkakagulo so hindi na lang.”

He added, “Ako wala naman po akong masamang tinapay simula't sapol eh, ayaw ko na pong magsalita, 'yun na lang po yun...ang gusto ko pong sabihin sana po tigilan na natin 'to. Masaya po ako sa buhay ko, sa trabaho po na meron ako.”