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Liza Soberano is probably the biggest showbiz crush ng bayan. Her angelic face combined with an adorable personality makes her one of the most sought-after actresses in the country. Before she became the popular head-turner during red carpet events, Liza started off as the modest young actress who joined other love teams including KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla).

Because of her own talent, Liza left a mark on viewers that brought her where she is today. She currently works with on-and-off-screen partner Enrique Gil for their upcoming teleserye Make It With You which will definitely be another hit show after Forevermore and Dolce Amore.

For now, we bring you Liza’s most memorable TV and movie roles that we will always remember her for!

1. Liza as Angel in Must Be Love

Photo from Star Cinema

You knew Angel, the character who was referred to as the girl ‘na pang-slowmo’ in the 2013 movie Must Be Love. You might not be familiar with her name back then, but her dream girl features have never left your head. In this KathNiel movie, Liza played Angel who sparked a love triangle to the popular pairing. 

2. Liza as Alexa in Got to Believe

Photo from Star Creatives

Also in 2013 when the whole world was watching another KathNiel hit teleserye Got To Believe, viewers set their eyes on the girl who hindered Joaquin (Daniel) and Chichay (Kathryn) from finding their lost love back. We will always remember Liza as Alexa whenever we hear the words, “The heart remembers what the mind forgets”.

3. Liza as Sophia in Just The Way You Are

Photo from ABS-CBN Film Productions

Landing her first major role for a movie, Liza with her memorable thick eyebrows played the role of Sophie with her onscreen partner Enrique Gil as Drake. The 2015 breakout love team of the year catapulted higher and formed their own identities as young actors of this generation. Who did not get giddy during their first bathroom scene together when Liza as Sophia saw Drake naked?

4. Liza as Audrey in Everyday I Love You

Photo from ABS-CBN Film Productions

A major role alone would not suffice for the LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) fans, so in 2015, a romantic drama movie challenged Liza’s acting skills. Who would forget her as the scooter girl who loves taking videos every day? 

5. Liza as Agnes in Forevermore

Photo from Star Creatives

Every night, we followed the love story of Agnes and Xander in the 2015 LizQuen teleserye. Liza portrayed a farmer girl named Agnes who fell in love with a hotel magnate’s son named Xander. Her unforgettable line “Hindi ko na kaya!” will always remind us of Liza’s acting skills in a heavy drama.

6. Liza as Serena in Dolce Amore

Photo from Star Creatives

The following year, Liza starred in another teleserye where she played as an adopted daughter of Italian parents. In this project, her Italian accent is highly commendable given the short period of time she prepared for it. One of her most popular scenes is when she defended Tenten (Enrique) to the girls who bullied him. “Let’s all be honest, hindi naman kayo ganoon kaganda.” Imagine Liza telling you that!

7. Liza as Cali in My Ex and Whys

Photo from Star Cinema

We can all agree that Liza’s most iconic line came from the blockbuster movie My Ex and Whys. She played the role of a blogger named Cali who has a womanizer ex-boyfriend trying to win her back. No one questions Liza’s beauty except for herself, so we all went crazy when we heard her say, “Pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako?” 

8. Liza as Ganda in Bagani

Photo from Star Creatives

Liza has proven that she can not only do comedy, romance, and heavy drama but also action. In the 2018 teleserye, she became popular for her line, “Ako si Ganda.” Who does not know you’re pretty, Liza? She played a skilled archer younger sister of the leader of a tribe. Get a girl who can do fight scenes!

9. Liza as Tin in Alone/Together

Photo from ABS-CBN Films

Lastly, a more mature Liza was seen in the 2019 romantic drama movie Alone/Together where she played the role of Tin, an Arts major student who dreams of becoming a museum director. Tin had to face a rekindling romance from the past in spite of her current relationship. Kudos to Liza’s facial expressions that showcase deep emotions without saying anything!