The women in Los Bastardos continue to impress with their acting chops, bringing us into the intricately woven plot of the series that leaves fans hanging every time. Another factor that gets us hooked is their overall sultry vibe.

It’s no wonder their characters are a perfect match for the Los Bastardos men—they all rise up the temperature in the room from how they hot they are! As the weather gets colder, spice up your day by getting to know four of the women in Los Bastardos better and see their sultriest bikini snaps by scrolling down below. 

Photos from Instagram (ritzazul, maxine_medina, kylieverzosa, mica)

Ritz Azul

Ritz Azul is certainly a dreamboat—she can be sexy or charming whenever she wants to be! In Los Bastardos, she stars as Dianne Liwanag, where she is seen as a professional and conservative kind of girl. She’s paired with Joseph Marco’s character Lorenzo Cuevas, who is one lucky guy, since she’s obviously got a body to flaunt!


Beyond the looks, though, Ritz also has insecurities like any other person. On her Instagram, she posted a bikini photo with the caption, “Not in my best shape. I have hesitations in posting this ‘coz of many reasons (and I’m shy, super shy!) but I’m posting this to remind myself to achieve my goal and love my body. Being fit is not just for showing off, it’s for our own health, it’s a lifestyle. If you want to achieve your goal, love yourself first.”


Judging from the photo, it may be hard to see why she has doubts about her fitness, but we applaud Ritz for being inspiring! For more of her hot photos, look inside our gallery below. 

Kylie Verzosa

Starring in Los Bastardos as Dulce Silverio Pacheco, Kylie Verzosa’s character is a rich doctor and can be described as determined and strong, being the black sheep of the family. We’ve seen Dulce struggle to win back the heart of Jake Cuenca’s character Isagani, but in real life the romance between them is ever-blooming. As the series went on, viewers got to be familiar with the fierceness of her onscreen character, and her beautiful looks, too.


Kylie isn’t known as a beauty queen for nothing—she constantly slays the Instagram game with her beauty and fierceness! Check out more of her stunning photos below!

Maxine Medina

Maxine Medina plays Francesca Elizabeth "Isay" Navarro-Cardinal, a simple girl from a poor family, who longed for her best friend Isagani’s love. Isagani treated her as a sister, but the time came when he finally saw her beauty. We can’t blame him—she’s one gorgeous woman!


It’s no secret that this Miss Universe 2016 contestant advocates a fit and healthy lifestyle, as well as a model who inspires to love your morena skin. In the picture below, she’s literally glowing!

Mica Javier 

Last but not least, Mica Javier plays Lupita Bermudez in the Los Bastardos series. She’s that adventurous and tough kontrabida who also has a seductive charm that’s hard to ignore. Her chemistry with Joshua Colet’s Connor is also memorable to fans. Offscreen, she’s as fierce as ever, with a series of hot bikini pics that shows off her fit and healthy shape.


It’s evident that Mica loves the beach and the peaceful vibe it brings, evident from her photos where she’s seen relaxed and cooling off. Check out more of the beautiful Mica Javier below!