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Love is truly in the air!

Although we feel that our favorite love team MayWard is more than just friends, a little confirmation from them would definitely not hurt. In an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice on September 15, Edward Barber finally admitted on national televsion that he is courting onscreen partner Maymay Entrata. 

“Maymay and I, kasi bata pa ako, honestly, so I’m respecting ‘yung choices at ‘yung ano, ligaw,” Edward said when asked about their official status. “I’m waiting for her response. Hinihintay ko ‘yung sagot niya.” 

We cannot be the only one screaming of happiness as we heard Edward declare his courtship. If there is anyone happier, it is you, MayWard Flyers. While we wait for our girl Maymay’s response to her prince charming, let us take a look at the times Edward showed her off on Instagram. Scroll down below and in unison, we say, SANA ALL!

1. Assuring his girl

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

Maymay might have a song titled Kakayanin Kaya with Edward as the lead male to its music video, but receiving assurance from his guy that they can get through anything together is just major pogi points. On March 17, Edward posted a cute photo of them together with a caption: “Kakayanin natin to.”

2. Addicted to only one

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

In case you have not heard, Edward is a big Mobile Legends player. You would find this German beauty playing the mobile application a lot offscreen. In their recent blogcon for their M.E. and U concert on September 27, they both revealed that they fight about petty things—Mobile Legends among others. However, on March 25, Edward posted a series of photos that would initially appear as him being addicted to the game. When you reach the final post, he was just looking at a beautiful photo of Maymay in red. Sweet!

3. She sees the beauty in him

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

Maymay and Edward work a lot together. It’s amazing how, despite that, they do not get bored with one other. Instead, they discover more beauty in each other. Edward even posted a photo of them rehearsing for the first time for the MayWard Grand Album Launch. In that post, Edward penned: “To everyone out there, this is a crazy world. It sucks sometimes, bad things happen. But just always remember to find the beauty in it. More importantly, find someone who sees the beauty in you. And move from there, one day at a time.”

4. Hello, Love, Maymay!

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

In April this year, Maymay had to leave Edward in the Philippines to work on the highest-grossing movie of all time Hello, Love, Goodbye which was mostly shot in Hong Kong. Missing a person is difficult for Edward of course, most especially if it is his favorite person. Without hesitation, Edong just flew all the way to Hong Kong to meet his girl. What an ideal guy!

5. Birthday girl appreciation post

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

One Punch Man fans Edward and Maymay have constantly called each other Genos and Saitama, characters who make a good team from the animated series. On May 6, Edward greeted the birthday girl on Instagram as if they were the only ones who understood each other.  He captioned “We’re like Genos and Saitama. In a world full of crazy monsters and Dragon level Threats, I’d follow you anywhere, train and grow with you but most importantly, I’ll always treat you like you’re S-Class Rank 1. Happy birthday May.” 

6. Eating good food with the best person

 Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

Going to San Francisco for the ASAP Bay Area show early in August became a new memorable trip for MayWard. One of Edward’s favorite parts is eating good food as they strolled the streets of the US. What makes it the best was sharing it with his special someone, Maymay. 

7. Nothing changes

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

MayWard recently celebrated their third anniversary as a love team. From the Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 housemates to friends to more than friends, these two brought out kilig vibes in a long span of time that we did not even notice. In Edward’s Instagram post, he described the two photos: “On Cam Vs. Off Cam - and after 3 years, wouldn’t change a thing #M.E&U” 

8. Can’t stop staring

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

Sometimes, we cannot help but wonder how it feels to be Maymay getting stared at plenty of times by the handsome Edward. He is not even shy to show the world that even though they got to see the best view of Japan, nothing beats the view of Maymay. 

9. His always

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

In about one week, Maymay and Edward will bring the MayWard Flyers to M.E. and U concert at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City. In one of Edward’s latest Instagram posts, he reassures his girl: “#MEandU ... Even after the concert finishes, it will still be #MEandU”.  

10. Senyora Maymay

Photo from Instagram (@edward_barber)

Lastly, Maymay and Edward wowed everyone during the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 with their matching Furne Amato outfits. Their regal looks make them really look good together. Edward posted on Instagram a photo of him with the Belle of the Ball Maymay whom he calls “Ang aking Senyora”.