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Finally, Julia Barretto has moved into her new home. The 22-year-old actress announced her newfound independence on Instagram, sharing tidbits about her achievement unlocked. 

Julia penned, "Fun fact: I will only transfer a few steps away from my mom’s house. People often find it weird and usually ask me, "why?" and I simply answer, “why not?” My mom is my bestest friend and my number one source of strength. Even though, she has raised me to be independent and brave, I still don’t see any reason why I should be far away from her. Sa totoo lang, kailangan ko pa rin siya. At least, I still get to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at her place. Makakatipid pa rin ako sa ulam at kanin. Sorry mom.”

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

It was in 2017 when Julia’s mother Marjorie Barretto opened up on Instagram about the construction of her daughter’s multi-story property. She thanked the Lord for answering Julia’s prayers.

Photo from Instagram (@marjbarretto)

In December 2018, Julia herself revealed on Instagram the progress of her biggest milestone where she said: “Almost there.” 

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

During her interview on Magandang Buhay six months ago, Julia shared that Mommy Marjorie encouraged her to start having her own home. It was supposed to begin after her 18th birthday, but the young actress got a little distracted with other things after she reached the legal age. She also said that the lot where she built her new home is her first-ever lot investment.

Screenshot from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube video

When Julia said yes to building her own home to live in three years back, she also accepted a lot of responsibilities that come with it even though Mommy Marjorie will just be a few steps away from her. We are all curious about what it would be like for Julia to be on her own—but are you curious how things are for her when she’s just simply Julia, offcam?  Check these photos out. 

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

Breakfast with Julia

Screenshot from Instagram video (@juliabarretto)

Julia spends her quiet mornings preparing her own breakfast of sunny side up and toast, with a cup of coffee. She also offers a prayer before eating her delicious meal. In her Instagram video, that whole routine happens before she heads for a long day at work.

Playful at the dining table

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

Julia is a girl of many things. She is an actress, an endorser, a volleyball player, and a traveler. Above all those things, she is also a daughter, a sister, and a friend. In a fun dinner with her older sister Dani, Julia is giving her Ate a high five. Ate Dani also appears to be having a good time with her younger sister.

Beat your ate

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

Probably one of the many things Julia will miss at their family home is playing console games with her younger brother Leon. In one of her Instagram posts, she describes her photo as a game night where she is starting to lose a game to Leon. 

After a long productive day

Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

When her house was just about to get done, Julia attended meetings to monitor its progress. After one of such meetings for her house, she also headed straight to another meeting for a business venture. Her normal day could just get busier and busier as she turns into a real adult dealing with adult matters. She calls it a day getting comfy with her robe and spending a cozy ‘me time’ in bed. 

Hanging out with a friend

Screenshot from Erich Gonzales Youtube video

In actress Erich Gonzales’ vlog with more than 1.7 million views, she visited Julia’s house (before her new house) to play True or False as requested by many of her fans. Wearing a basic white tee, wide-legged pants, and flat sandals, Julia welcomed Erich and also danced to Blackpink tunes with her.