To recognize the LGBT+ community all around the globe, the month of June has been acknowledged as Pride Month, which aims to recognize and respect the rights of people regardless of sexual identity. While this is the perfect time to raise awareness on current issues facing the community, it’s also the best season to enjoy and binge-watch on some films with LGBT+ themes!

Celebrate love, freedom, and pride through these local movies that you can watch on iWant. Just download the app, and get ready for some heartwarming, funny, touching and kilig LGBT-themed stories. Here goes:

Si Chedeng at si Apple

Still from Si Chedeng at Si Apple (Cinema One Originals)

Senior citizens and best friends Chedeng (played by Gloria Diaz) and Apple (Elizabeth Oropesa) go on an adventure after two major turns of events: when Chedeng decides to come out of the closet in the wake of her husband’s death, and when Apple beheads her live-in partner because of anger. The two then go on chasing Chedeng’s ex-girlfriend, while Apple brings a Louis Vuitton bag containing the severed head of her abusive beau. It may sound gory and morbid, but how their charm and humor get to you that you find yourself rooting for them is undeniably interesting. You can watch it here.

Omeng Satanasia

Still from Omeng Satanasia (RVQ Productions)

Omeng Satanasia is a 1977 film where the late Comedy King Dolphy bagged his first FAMAS Best Actor award, after amazingly nailing 4 different characters of the story: a guardian angel, an aging scientist, the younger version of the mad genius, and a devil. It’s a hodgepodge story of melodrama, comedy, satire, and more. You can watch this classic gem made by Dolphy's nephew, Frank Gray Jr., here.

Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo may Boyfriend?!

 Photo from VIVA Films

This comedy-drama film by Jun Lana stars Anne Curtis as Kylie, Paolo Ballesteros as Benj, and Dennis Trillo as Diego, which revolves around the story of a woman who always ends up getting attracted to gays. In the history of Kylie’s relationships, her boyfriends all turned out to be gays: a series of incidents that she doesn’t really like, and eventually made her turn pessimistic about finding “the right one”. One of her exes, Benj, becomes her best friend and through him, she meets and falls in love with Diego who happens to be Benj’s childhood best friend and secret love— and then, another closet case is revealed!  Get ready to laugh and cry here!

The Third Party

Still from The Third Party (Star Cinema)

Andi (played by Angel Locsin) tries to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend Max (Sam Milby) who eventually falls in love with Christian (Zanjoe Marudo). Unexpectedly, Andi discovers her pregnancy with a beau who left her. Just when things are going fine in Max and Christian’s relationship, the latter, who happens to be a pediatrician, offers adoption to Andi’s child and volunteers to take care of her while she’s expecting. You’ll laugh at some parts, but often cry and feel moved in this journey of three people who are discovering who they are and what they can do for the people who matter to them.  You can watch it here.

Die Beautiful

Still from Die Beautiful (Regal Entertainment)

The movie isn’t just about Trisha (Paolo Ballesteros)’s dreams of becoming a beauty queen before she dies. It’s also about a transgender’s journey on overcoming personal challenges— such as her rocky relationship with her father, where she grew up without his acceptance. In a very animated and colorful way, it voices and tackles the roles the LGBTQ+ community plays in society, the harsh ways many people treat them, and the lessons about being true to yourself no matter what. In this movie, Paolo Ballesteros won Best Actor in the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival. You can watch it here.

Baka Bukas

Photo from Cinema One Originals

The story is about Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), an out and out and proud lesbian, who falls in love with her best friend Jess (Louise Delos Reyes). Jess then begins to question her own sexuality and eventually opens herself to the possibility of falling in love with her best friend. This Cinema One Originals indie film won three awards: Audience Choice, Best Actress for Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Best Sound.  It was also the debut feature-length film of Samantha Lee. Curious why it’s an award-winning film? See it for yourself here.

2 Cool 2 be 4gotten 

Photo from Cinema One Originals

Though this coming-of-age film appears dark with murder on the plot, it’s a story of Felix (Khalil Ramos) meeting the Synder brothers Maxim (Jameson Blake) and Magnus (Ethan Salvador) that changes his life. Felix develops feelings towards Magnus but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it, and would rather write his emotions hidden in his journal. It’s set in the 90s and has plentiful twists and turns that are “too cool to be forgotten”. Find yourself surprised when you watch it here.

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