When the world practically stopped due to the spread of the coronavirus, lockdowns were implemented in different countries, affecting millions of people. Some lives were claimed by the virus, some fell sick, and others were left jobless and in dire straits. 

Due to all of these factors, individuals were left struggling immensely and were having a difficult time keeping sane amidst these tough times. 

Even celebrities have opened up and shared that they, too, have had to face strong fears and apprehensions.

Starstudio.ph was able to get professional advice from psychiatrist Dr. Tomas D. Bautista,  who gave his two cents on what a few stars might be going through during this pandemic, and how they—and we—can survive it. 

Scroll down to see who they are and what they have shared. 


Photo from Instagram (@lizasoberano)

Liza Soberano revealed in an interview with the YouTube channel, Asian Boss, that she has been experiencing anxiety attacks during the lockdown. “We don't get to see a lot of people all the time and talk to different people which I'm used to on a daily basis because I'm an actress, and I work with a lot of different people all the time,” she explained.

The Make It With You star added, “Being not able to hear different insights, asking anybody how they are… it's just different having normal conversations every day with people and being present with other people.”

Dr. Tomas explained the anxiety expressed by Liza. “It is a reaction to the loss of what is a normal or regular day for her. The loss of connection with people is a consequence of the imposing of the lockdown to contain the virus. She must continue connecting with people to relieve feelings of distress, because staying connected can divert our minds from negative thoughts.”  



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In Star Magic’s ‘Love From Home’ Launch, Halik star Jericho Rosales admitted that there are times that he, along with his artistic aspirations, gets affected by all the pressure that’s happening at the moment. 

“It came when it was already time for me to think of myself. That’s when I felt the shock. I actually felt so down that it had been difficult for me to be creative,” he said.

Dr. Tomas explained, “Jericho is experiencing denial and shock, and eventually sadness or depression, which is normal at this stage, that could make one lose interest and focus.” 

He also pointed out: “We have to train ourselves to accomplish something. This numbing feeling will pass, and it is acceptable to 'feel' it. If there is anger, allow yourself to feel it, too. Sometimes, it takes days before we finally get over it and we learn to accept the new normal.”



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For Ejay Falcon, the fears start to kick in when he isn’t out and about,  which makes him feel that he is idle. “At some point oo, nakakaramdam ako ng anxiety, kasi medyo mapag-isip din akong tao, lalo na kapag nasa bahay ka lang, kasi wala kang ginagawa kaya ang dami mong oras mag-isip, di ba?,” he pointed out in an interview with PUSH.com. 

Dr. Tomas shares: “For Ejay, he must find balance in the things that cross his mind. If he is overwhelmed with negative thoughts like health issues, financial issues or anything about the future, he must counter these with ideas like 'people get sick and the world continues,' or, 'maybe I will not deplete my savings since I save up on gas.' It is advised that the negative thoughts should not be ignored but they should not be allowed to dominate our mind as well.”


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Meanwhile, JC De Vera, who is now a father, stated in his recent guesting in Magandang Buhay, that he worries how to make ends meet for his family. “As a provider may fear talaga everyday lalong-lalo na nung nag-quarantine. Lahat nawalan ng trabaho. Multiple sources of income, pati ‘yung mga business outside namatay din. So may fear talaga everyday na, ‘paano na?’ he said. 

Tomas elaborated what the actor was going through. “JC is having anticipatory grief. His mind goes to the future and imagines the worst. He must consciously divert his attention to the present. It is recommended that he should practice meditation or mindfulness. He can do this while doing his 'daddy' job. Focus on the present: hold your child, appreciate the absence of physical abnormalities, and live the moment.”



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In an online interview of Love Thy Chika, Kim Chiu shared that her boyfriend, Xian Lim, was the one who experienced anxiety over the cyberbullying that she had to face from her bashers.  

“Parang yun na yata ang pinakamarami kong tawag sa kanya. Para siyang sponge. Kapag may problema ako, nalilipat sa kanya, tapos siya yung nagkaka-anxiety,” Kim elaborated.

Dr. Tomas then described what Kim was dealing with. “She was having personal problems when the pandemic started and the anxiety she experienced was of multiple origins. Sharing her feelings and thoughts to her support system [could] help dissipate the anxiety. This is an example of trying to stay connected to avoid feeling alone and isolated. If Xian anchors her to reality, then what she did was the best thing to do and maybe, at the end of each conversation, she regained control of herself.”




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As for Rufa Mae Quinto, she was so distraught with the turn of events,  that she took to Instagram and shared what she thought of what was happening. “Ganito ba ang future ng anak ko? Takot, lungkot at inip? Wondering? ghost town? Etc,” Rufa asked.

“I get a headache and nanginginig laman ko sa news every time I read and watch, (Ayaw ko na nga mag watch kaya Lang I need to know what’s going on) asawa ko pa frontliner din! Working so much as police,” the sexy actress said.  

For Rufa Mae’s case, Dr. Tomas says: “This reaction is a mix of shock and anticipatory grief. There is also the fear of harm to her partner, a frontliner. She must focus on the present as well, balance the negative thoughts about the future with the present: they are well, people can recover from COVID infection, less people get infected if they wash their hands, use face masks and observe social distancing. If she is overwhelmed with what she sees or hears, it is advised that she should limit the time she spends listening to upsetting news and surround herself with loved ones.”