Aside from being talented in their craft of acting and performance, artists like to venture out and find other fun activities to do. For some actresses, they have taken a liking in nurturing different types of plants and even showering them with tender loving care. 

Let’s take a look at some leading ladies who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and who are fond of taking care of their plants—and so should you!  Plants are healthy for us and for the environment, and provide us with the sustenance and nutrition we need.   


Photo from Instagram (@officialjuday)

Judy Ann Santos couldn’t contain her excitement when she shared that she was able to harvest some spinach plants at home. 

The star stated on her social media account, “Nakapag harvest na kami!!!! yaayyy!!! Hindi lang halata ang saya sakin bilang malamok! Pero masayang masaya ako!!!” 

Apart from spinach, some pechay, mustasa, and bokchoy plants were also seen growing in her garden.


Photo from Instagram (@milesaubrey)

Former sexy star Aubrey Miles sure seemed happy on her Instagram video to have received this huge potted plant, a Ficus Lyrata or a Fiddle Leaf Fig, which the actress said is her third set.

The actress also wrote on her social media account: “I hope you like this one! Everyone’s favorite indoor tree. I have 3 of these at my backyard.” Way to go, Aubrey!



Photo from Instagram (@chekakramer)

Chesca Garcia loves plants so much that she even grows her own kangkong leaves at their garden at home, a hobby that the momshie of three is very hands-on with. 

Aside from plants, she even harvests her own vegetables such as eggplants, jalapeños, onion leeks, baby carrots, turmeric, string beans, sigarilyas and a lot more! Bravo Chesca, you reap what you sow!



Photo from Instagram (@elissejossonn)

Elisse Joson chose to decorate her living room area by adding some stunning yellow tulips as well. The actress was seen in a photo on her Instagram account carrying the beautiful flowers and wrote,  “Yesterday, I got fresh flowers to add some life in our living room.”



Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

We all know that Julia Barretto was all psyched moving to her new abode, and the actress made sure that she’d spice up the interior decor by placing some sunflowers on the kitchen counter. 

It took a while for the actress to find this particular flower. The Kapamilya actress even took to her Instagram account saying, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Finally!” 


Photo from Instagram (@lovipoe)

Another artist that doesn't seem to mind having beautiful red roses at her home is  Lovi Poe, as the sexy actress decided to put a vase of red roses on her table. She took a shot of her eye-catching plant babies and wrote in her post:  “Bloom where you are even if you wish you were elsewhere.”