Nowadays, fans have been completely smitten by their Korean idols and have not only admired them for their artistic talents but for their looks too. Many individuals have also noticed that some of these stars are not only drop-dead gorgeous, but they never seem to age as well. 

Let’s see which Korean celebs look as if they have guzzled a ton of water from the fountain of youth. Scroll down and see for yourself!



Photo from Instagram (@choijiwoo_cjw)

One would never think that Choi Ji Woo is already in her 40s. The K-drama actress, who turned 45 last month looks as youthful and radiant as ever. With the way Ji woo carries herself now, she’s definitely giving us some #SkinGoals!


Photo from Instagram (@e_xiu_o)

Korean singer Xiumin, who was born on March 26, 1990, doesn’t look like he has aged at all. The 30-year-old star looks pretty much like a teenager in this photo and looks fresh and polished. 



Photo from Instagram (@kyo1122)

At the age of 38, Song Hye Kyo continues to dazzle fans with her gorgeous face and flawless skin. This beauty, who was born on November 22, 1981, hasn’t aged a day. So gorgeous naman, Hye Kyo!


Photo from Instagram (@eunjiwon_sechskies)

K-pop idol Eun Jiwon who was born on June 8, 1978 can certainly pass for a man in his 20s. Would you believe that Jiwon turned 42 this year? It’s hard to think that he is in his 40s!


Photo from Instagram (@yybeast)

Korean celeb Yang Yoseob is another star that doesn’t seem to age. Yoseob was born in the year 1990 and just turned 30 last January this year. How is it that he looks so young—almost like a child? Unbelievable! 



Photo from Instagram (@kimtaehee99)

Kim Tae Hee, who was born on 29 March 1980, without a doubt, keeps getting better with age. Can you believe that this veteran actress is 40 years old already? She still looks like she’s still enrolled in college, don’t you think?