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By now you may have already heard of Park Min Young, one of the most sought-after, not to mention gorgeous, K-drama actresses who have captivated audiences in her latest project this year called When The Weather Is Fine.


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But even before taking part in this romantic drama, Min Young had already cemented her name in the entertainment industry by starring in some remarkable projects.


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Scroll down to see some of this versatile actress’s most notable shows. 



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In the 2015 drama series Remember, Min Young plays the role of Lee In A, the leading man Jin woo’s pillar of strength, as he goes through tough times when he tries to prove that his father, Seo Jae-hyuk, is innocent of a crime. 



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Min Young portrays the role of Shin Chae-kyung in Queen For Seven Days, who becomes crowned as a queen, along with soon-to-be-king Jungjong, played by Yeon Woon Jin. After a week, both were dethroned from their positions due to political factions.



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Min Young is Kim Mi So in the TV series What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, who falls in love with her arrogant boss, Lee Young Joon, played by Park Seo Joon. Unable to stand her superior any longer, Min Young’s character opts to resign, leaving Young Joon baffled, leading him to do what he can to win her over.



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The gorgeous actress is Sung Deok-mi in Her Private Life. In the series, she is a Chief Curator in an Art Museum, where she doesn't get recognized for the hard work she does. She later falls for Kim Jae Wook’s character, Ryan.



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In the romantic series When The Weather Is Fine, Min Young plays the role of Mok Hae-won, who moves back to Bookhyun Village after a couple of unfortunate events. She then reunites with her ex-classmate and neighbor, Im Eun-seob, portrayed by Seo Kang Joon, and together, they try to move on from the past.