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We have all been accustomed to living with our families, since we're a very family-oriented country. However, as we get older, we strive to work hard and leave the nest to experience independence.

Even some celebs have this in mind, as a couple of them have moved out and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor living solo in their abodes.  It helped, too, that they are not dependent on anyone to go through life, which has made quarantine life much easier to bear.  


Photo from Instagram (@itskcconcepcion)

KC Concepcion has always been self-reliant even in her younger years.  KC has always worked hard, and now lives in a comfortable home where she loves to relax. 



Photo from Instagram (@juliabarretto)

Netizens were very much excited when Julia Barretto posted photos of her new home being built. One may recall that the actress had been very hands-on throughout the whole process. She now enjoys cooking and decorating her lovely place. Hard work certainly pays off!



Exclusive Photo from Starstudio.ph

Over the years, Jessy Mendiola made ends meet by trying to make a name for herself in showbiz. Now that Jessy has come a long way, she was able to purchase a pleasant beach-themed condo. Way to go, Jessy!



Photo from Instagram (@sueannedoodles)

Sue Ramirez is another celeb who has set off on her own and bought a home last year. The actress does all kinds of things at home, from relaxing to reading. You deserve it, Sue!



Photo from Instagram (@mariestellar)

Ever since Maris Racal has moved from Davao to Manila, she worked her way up and looked after herself pretty well. She has then been self-sufficient and was very particular in choosing the interiors of her home.