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Once again, K-drama fans are gushing over Kim Dong Hee, as the celeb stars in his latest series called Extracurricular. 

Dong Hee starred as the rebel ‘bastard son’ of the Chairman of Jangga Co. in the socially relevant youth drama “Itaewon Class,” and now he’s got his own launchpad for stardom.   

The Korean actor now portrays the role of Jisoo, an intelligent student who works as a security service provider in an illegal business, and does this in order to make ends meet. 

The story gets a lot more complicated as it goes on, especially when three of his classmates get involved in his secret world.

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The project is more than just your typical high school drama, with its compelling storyline and its roster of talented artists. Before binge-watching the series, let’s find out how Dong Hee skyrocketed into fame and the world of showbiz.


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Dong Hee is from Andong, situated in South Korea. He grew a passion for the arts at a very young age and took up acting in Gachong University.


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His career picked up when he starred in the 2019 series Sky Castle as Cha Seo Jun, as Ha Min in the web series A-Teen in 2018, and of course, as Jang Geun Soo in Itaewon Class.  


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His works didn’t go unnoticed as the versatile actor bagged the Rising Star Award at the Brand of the Year Award ceremony in 2019. And now, Dong Hee’s career continues to thrive as he is considered to be one of the most sought-out Korean actors to date. 

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Nevermind that Dong Hee’s face is all wrapped up, he looks adorable in a hoodie anyway!


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He is giving us a serious vibe with that look on his face and with this sleek blue outfit. Swoon.



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Any girl would melt if he would look at her the way he does it in this photo. 



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When he's not preoccupied, he goes to a corner and browses through his phone. Or could he be texting someone special? 



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Not anyone can get away with an earthy green jacket, but Dong Hee sure can!



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Dong Hee is a standout even when he heads outdoors in such a picturesque location.



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Once in a while, he likes to dress down and put on a casual checkered top, which he should do more often because it suits him!



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Not even a pair of glasses can hide that angelic face.  


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Whatever recognition Dong Hee receives, he deserves it because of the years of hard work.



Photo from Instagram (@kim_d.he)

The weather seems to be freezing cold from this photo. Dong Hee looks just as dapper in his get-up nevertheless.