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Jay-R and Mica Javier’s wedding is unquestionably one for the books. 

The power couple tied the knot on March 1, 2020 at The Lind in Boracay, with the dream-like ceremony taking everyone’s breath away. 


 Exclusive photo for StarStudio.ph from Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. 

While the wedding unfolded smoothly, they had no choice but to put their other plans on hold, after the government implemented the enhanced community quarantine due to the rising coronavirus cases in the country. 

The couple shared in an exclusive interview with Starstudio.ph their wedding details, as well as how they chose to look at the brighter side of things amidst all the havoc. 




A lot of couples usually get panic attacks during their big day, but for Jay-R and Mica, the preparation process wasn’t that stressful at all. 

“We organize a lot of events, we organize a lot of shoots, and music videos, so it wasn’t different putting up a wedding. I was there to support and help, but most of the work was done by Mica,” he elaborated. 


Exclusive photo for StarStudio.ph from Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. 

 Mica added, “I’m very detail-oriented. But I would always run things by Jay-R, though, so every decision was made together. We just know each other so well that whatever we wanted, we made it happen.” 

Being the laid-back person that he was, Jay-R wasn’t at all anxious, sharing that he even went for a swim that day. 

But as soon as he saw his bride, he just couldn’t keep it together any longer. 

“I was also preparing myself to stay strong but the nerves and emotion got to me, and when Mica came out, medyo nahirapan na ako to hold it back. So, I started crying a little bit,” he admitted. 


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Unlike Jay-R, Mica’s nerves had already kicked in early on that day, but she tried as much as possible not to let it get the better of her. 

“We did everything that we could already so we just let it flow and we went through that whole letting-go process. May mga subtle na mali, but even the small mistakes were perfect,” she said. 


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 The two stars were also supposed to jet off to the United States last February for their civil wedding, because most of Jay-R’s relatives are situated in Los Angeles, but they had to postpone everything since the spike of coronavirus cases had reached higher levels.  

Jay-R also added, “Even some guests had to cancel for the wedding in Boracay because of the coronavirus, it’s okay though, because we stayed within our capacity naman.” 


Exclusive photo for StarStudio.ph from Cornerstone Entertainment Inc

Once the community quarantine was announced, the two didn’t think twice, and did what they could to prepare. 

“It’s very easy to feel the panic, but we just had to be practical and we just had everything that was essential, and what we needed for our house,” Mica narrated. 

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Now that they both have a lot of time on their hands, Jay-R and Mica have figured out creative ways to have fun which is by trying the trendy app TikTok. “I started learning all these dances to kill time and I realized it’s a good workout also. And it was something light to post online, since everything else is so sad,” she said.  

Jay-R also remarked: “It’s perfect kasi it’s exactly what I like to do and it’s what we did. We just want to make people smile and have them dance with us.”

 Amidst everything that has been happening, Jay-R said that he chooses to remain calm and collected, and of course, to be positive. 

“I’m just focused on re-organizing my priorities and taking care of the family. But at the same time I’ll still be careful by wearing a mask, washing my hands, placing alcohol and being healthy,” he revealed. 


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Mica divulged, “We’re so used to this fast-paced and stressful life with chasing your career and building business or finances, but…for what? Any day mother nature can be like… ‘Okay, you’re done.' It makes you look inwards more and appreciate what you have. But instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s try to be better as human beings, moving forward.”

Her husband also gave advice to a lot of worried couples and stated, “We try to encourage people to stay home. That’s the most we can do right now. But for those who want to get married but can’t because of the coronavirus, do it anyway. It’s not about how extravagant your wedding is. It’s really about who’s gonna be there, and your love for each other.”


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 On a lighter note, Mica feels content now that she is a loving wife to Jay-R and said that she couldn’t be happier with her current disposition. “It feels like you’re in this cloud where you don’t have to worry about anything, because you have that one person you can come home to.”

 Jay-R also chimed in: “I feel so proud kasi when I come home from work and Mica’s there, parang, I feel like I come home to my beautiful wife, and I get kilig and all fuzzy inside. It feels really nice.”


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In spite of all the hurdles and the chaos, Mica said she was happy with the outcome of everything, and said that she wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

“I think everything happens for a reason and we are guided by higher powers. Even now that we’re all on lockdown, our guests had one day of not thinking about their stress nor their problems because they were celebrating love at our wedding. So at least we made a positive mark on people’s lives before all of this happened.”


Exclusive photo for StarStudio.ph from Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. 

While our state as a society may seem bleak at this moment, in the midst of all the apparent chaos, remembering God, and spreading kindness and compassion—plus in Jay R and Mica's case, sharing love—can get us through these trying times.

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