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The Crash Landing On You fever never stops! In fact, many netizens still express their love for the hit K-drama even after its finale was released on Netflix on February 16.

On March 18, actor-singer Marlo Mortel shared on Instagram his original composition called “Seri’s Song” dedicated to his ‘newfound love’: CLOY lead female actress Son Ye-jin.  Son Ye-jin’s character is Yoon Se-ri, the wealthy heiress with a troubled family history.

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Everyone either has a crush on, or wants to be, Yoon Se-ri—because of her exquisite taste in fashion and ultimate kilig moments with Captain Ri.  

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But did you know that the one who played her role is equally crush-able?

Know more about the pretty Korean actress Son Ye-jin below:

1. She was almost bare-faced in many CLOY scenes

Photo from Koreaboo.com

“She’s not wearing any eye shadow. In fact, she’s not even wearing mascara. The lashes weren’t curled either. And at first, we tried tinted lip balm, but that came out too red on TV. So now she only wears colorless lip balm,” revealed Ye-jin’s make-up artist in an interview with Allure.com

According to the make-up artist, Ye-jin wanted to look as natural as possible since the shoot location was in North Korea. 

2. She has been acting since 2000

Photo from viki.com

Although Ye-jin’s first lead role in a drama was in 2001 for Delicious Proposal, the Korean actress already appeared in the horror film Secret Tears in 2000. That means she has been acting for almost 20 years now.

3. She is 38 years old

Photo from Instagram (@yejinhand)

According to Frostsnow.com, Ye-jin was born in Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea on January 11, 1982. In an article in Metro.style, Ye-jin was reported to be happy being single as she admits that getting into a relationship at her age is already a challenge.

4. She was a film student

Photo from Instagram (@yejinhand)

Ye-jin studied film while she was in university. Asione.com claims that she was a student at the Seoul Institute of the Arts where most of the prominent Korean actors came from.

5. She is Korea’s Melodrama Queen

Photo from Instagram (@yejinhand)

After making a comeback in the melodrama film Be With You in 2018, Ye-jin revealed that she really missed the genre. In a group interview reported by The Korean Herald, she said “It’s not so much that I wanted to sustain my nickname ‘Melodrama Queen,’ as that the genre has always been something that I wanted to do … As a cinemagoer, I missed the beautiful images and music, and as an actor, I’ve been thirsty for such acting.” 

Ye-jin made thriller, adventure, and period films prior to Be with You.