As we celebrate all kinds of women this Women’s Month, let us not forget to honor all the mothers out there, for all the sacrifices and love they bring to their most beloved families.

For first-time mom Anne Curtis, building a family after being in showbiz for 23 years brought her an immense and newly-discovered joy. On March 2, Anne gave birth to baby girl Dahlia Amélie. She proudly introduced her and Erwan Heussaff’s panganay on Instagram four days later.

There is nothing like celebrating your motherhood for the first time. Here is how Anne enjoyed the new stage in her life.

Nesting Season

Photo from Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

Anne went through many physical and emotional changes during her pregnancy. Apart from her growing belly, she also had the urge to keep everything clean. On Instagram, Anne even asked if other mothers could relate to her. “What nesting season has done. All of a sudden, I just wanted everything to be clean and minimal. Can other mums relate? It just happened overnight.”

 First Year as a Mom

 Photo from Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

Showing off her baby bump, Anne welcomed 2020 with her Mon Amour Erwan Heussaff on Instagram. Anne is blessed to go through motherhood knowing that she will always have strong support from her husband. In her Instagram post with more than a million likes, she wrote, “2020 is going to be the best chapter of our love story Mon amour @erwan.

I just know it. Happy New Year from The Heussaff’s everyone!”

The Birthday Mama

Photo from Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

Anne surprised everyone on her birthday, February 17, when she posted a bare photo on Instagram. She confidently showed everyone what motherhood turned her into — a strong and beautiful woman. In her post, the It’s Showtime host penned a message to everyone who greeted her, “Birthday Suit.I have been so amazed how my body has changed, created and grown a little human being - I can feel her little hiccups, her big kicks in my ribs and squirming around in me every single day. Not too long till my little girl meets the outside world and she will be the best gift I have ever received in my life. Thank you for your birthday greetings everyone! Sending out light and love to all of you!”

A mother’s love for Mother Nature

Photo from Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

It is normal for mothers to let their children experience what they did during their younger years. Even before Baby Dahlia was born, Anne already brought her to the kinds of places she used to go to as a child. “We used to have a tree in our front yard that I loved to climb as a kid.... and here’s my little attempt of reliving that memory (at a safe height where I can just slide off of course) I hope my little bub loves to be surrounded by nature like her mum. Morning well spent! Walked for an hour in hopes of having her drop a little bit.  Almost there,” Anne shared. Little Dahlia must have “breathed in” a lot of fresh air that day! 

Her unconditional love

 Photo from Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

They say a mother’s love is the most unconditional love in the world. When Anne gave birth to Baby Dahlia, she felt precisely that: “Never knew I could love someone so much...So much that it hurts in a good way... it’s an unexplainable kind of love. The kind I’ve never felt before. It’s so overwhelming and fills your heart to the brim with pure happiness. I will always be here to love, protect, guide and hold her little hand every step of the way... even when that little hand isn’t so little anymore. Everyone, I would like to introduce our darling daughter, Dahlia Amélie Heussaff.”

Photo from Instagram (@erwan)