Alex Gonzaga never fails to make us laugh through the years with her bubbly persona. Apart from that, Alex proved that she was more than just the funny girl-next-door as she continues to beguile audiences with her lucrative stint as one of the most  sought-out vloggers to date on Youtube. 

When news broke that she has finally gotten engaged with her beau Mikee Morada, fans were ecstatic that the successful star found her one true love and can finally have her happy ever after. Since we can’t get enough of them, here are some of Alex and Mikee's sweetest moments together.



Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)


 Video from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Alex doesn’t mind at all heading all the way to Lipa, Batangas in order to visit Mikee. The actress killed two birds with one stone by vlogging while visiting her bae. During taping, the two also took a break and enjoyed some yummy ice cream for merienda. Sarap!



Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Mikee is indeed a sweet and thoughtful boyfriend, because as we can see here, he was with Alex during her special day. Alex couldn’t be any happier and even mentioned in her post that she feels grateful, and most of all, loved.




Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

This time, it was Alex’s turn to do something special for her beau. The actress was elated when plans to surprise Mikee followed through smoothly on his birthday. She even took to Instagram and stressed that Mikee is the most selfless man she has ever known—that’s why it was high time that everyone makes him happy.  




Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Alex was the perfect date as she decided to tag along when Mikee had his Best Man duties in a wedding. The actress dazzled, looking all dolled-up while Mikee looked handsome in a clean-cut suit. Don’t these two make a dashing couple? We sure think so!




Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Here’s another photo of the couple dressed to the nines! This was certainly an unforgettable experience for Alex and Mikee as it was their first time to attend the Star Magic Ball together back in 2018. 




Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Alex and Mikee finally had time to jet off to another country, headed for the gorgeous Santa Monica Pier, which is situated in California, United States.  Again, the actress couldn’t contain her excitement as she emphasized that this was their first out-of-the-country trip together. 



Photo from Instagram (@cathygonzaga)

Now our couple continues with their adventure and have decided to visit the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas, United States. It's no surprise that these lovebirds were enjoying the sights and sounds of the place while holding hands. Kainggit!