It was in early December 2019 when Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach confirmed her breakup with race car driver Marlon Stockinger. They were reportedly in an on-and-off relationship for three years.

Photo from Instagram (@marlonstockinger)

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Less than a month after Queen P made a statement regarding the breakup, her Instagram fans quickly noticed (perhaps) a new guy in her life. This was after a series of Instagram stories that subtly dropped hints that Pia was in the same place as a 34-year-old professional traveller and entrepreneur named Jeremy Jauncey.

Photo from Insatgram (@piawurtzbach)

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

Early January this year, Jeremy posted an Instagram story revealing that he was at the luxury private island Bawah Reserve in Indonesia. The photo looked exactly where Pia was having fun resembling the blue waters and the similar boat in her own Instagram story. More posts suggested that they welcomed New Year together, including photos of them in the same vegetation-thick spot in Indonesia. 

Screenshots from ABS-CBN News

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However, fans also took notice of a photo uploaded by a fan account, giving the impression that Pia and Jeremy have been hanging out since November 2019. In the photo, Pia was spotted having a photo-op with someone who fans think looks like Jeremy, in the background. 

Photo from Instagram (@uuanyee)

Recently, Pia and Jeremy shared another series of snaps having lunch and then ice cream in New York. Although the two have not reacted to these speculations and with Pia admitting to ABS CBN News that she is happily single, their separate photos are interesting to piece together.

Photo from Insatgram (@jauncebach)

We are happy to hear about Queen Pia’s blossoming romance but if this gets any deeper, let us know more about the oh-so-hot Jeremy Jauncey.

He was born in Venezuela and was raised in Scotland

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

In a feature article of in 2017, it was revealed that Jeremy was born in Venezuela and was raised in Scotland. When he was younger, all he wanted to achieve was to become a rugby player for Scotland, but things turned out differently when he moved to New Zealand and got interested in business.

He is the CEO and founder of a travel-centric brand

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

Jeremy is the CEO and founder of Beautiful Destinations—a multi-platform brand of travel content across the globe that started out as an Instagram account (currently with more than 13 million followers). It is a highly-respected brand in the world of travel acknowledged by the world-renowned magazine GQ.

He is a Global Ambassador for World Wildlife Fund

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

Traveling is really a fun activity, and doing it with environmental awareness allows the travellers to do it responsibly like Jeremy. In fact, he is a Global Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, an international non-government organization that aims to preserve the wilderness and reduce human impact on the environment. In an interview with Philippine Tatler, Jeremy proudly shared that he is a supporter of sustainable tourism and environment.

He has been referred to as the ‘Instagram’s Hottest Male Traveller’

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

Towering like a greek god, Jeremy has been referred to as Instagram's Hottest Male Traveller recognized by reputable travel sites like Conde Nast. His personal Instagram followers can attest to that as he shares his carefree travel photos showing his buff built.

He modeled for a homegrown clothing brand

Photo from Instagram (@jeremyjauncey)

In 2016, Jeremy was tapped by the Department of Tourism in the Philippines to partner with Beautiful Destinations’ social media influencers, in hopes to inspire other countries to visit the Philippines. It played a pivotal role to associate Jeremy with the Philippines resulting in a modeling opportunity for a famous homegrown clothing brand in 2017. Aside from having a face that's hard to forget, that might be exactly why he looks so familiar!