For the 43-year-old hunk actor Piolo Pascual, a splendid rest house in Batangas takes him away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In his Youtube account Piolo Pascual PH, the vlog titled “Birthday Salubong” contains priceless moments with Piolo in his wonderful Batangas home, together with special friends and family, as they celebrated his birthday with him.  

Some of the wonderfully photographed scenes could be found below.  

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

While many celebrities opt for properties with just sea views, Piolo chose to build his own in a seemingly cliff-top location where he and the guests can enjoy overlooking. 

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

This rest house in Batangas is also where he celebrated his birthday on January 12 this year with his loved ones. 


Piolo enjoyed the fireworks up in the air where he was seen speechless in his vlog. At the end of the video, he was able to shout, “Thank you!” 

Want to see more of Papa P’s relaxing rest house? Scroll down now!

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

Witnessing the volcano’s wrath

As the birthday boy Piolo celebrated his 43rd birthday in Batangas, he captured a photo of himself looking at the eruption of Taal Volcano near his rest house. Although the memorable sight looked fascinating, the actor wrote on his Instagram post, “My birthday wish right now is for everyone to be safe." 

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

Surrounded by nature

Not only does the sea bring comfort to Piolo in his rest house, but how it is situated in the middle of the forest also offers a calming view. 

Papa P must be really enjoying being one with nature! 

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

Vast views of white

Looking at the facade, the actor’s rest house in Batangas is mostly made up of heavenly white elements. The balconies has a wide space and is a very suitable place to throw parties just like on his birthday.  

Before his noticeable pool is the grass-and-pebble flooring combo, which gives an accent to the vast views of white above.

Papa P’s Pool

As a triathlete, having his own swimming pool is as essential as having a home gym. Piolo’s classic rectangle-shaped pool stretches in front of the house where you can have a clearer overlooking view.

The pool really gives you a feeling of being above everything else as you can see the big billows of clouds from there.

And here’s a lovely photo of Papa P after a dip in the pool. 

Photo from Instagram (piolopascual_ph)

Expansive glass doors

Maintaining the clear and elegant vibe of the rest house, most of the wide doors are made up of glass. It permits a good amount of natural light to enter the rest house.   

The overlooking view from the balcony also gives quite a Santorini vibe! 

Hammock by the sunset

Lastly, after getting physical in the swimming pool or from riding boats, a quiet moment in the hammock gives Papa P the rest he deserves. Combined with the sunset, it's a picture-perfect staycation! 

Check out the full video here.