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It has been one of her most requested videos.

And now, young vlogger Mary Pacquiao, the daughter of celebrity couple Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao, has fulfilled the wish of her followers as she finally gave a tour of their expansive and luxurious family home in Dasmariñas Village, Makati. 

Mary did not just offer an exclusive glimpse into their lovely abode?—in her October 13 YouTube vlog, she put her own twist to the house tour by including a question-and-answer portion with her siblings Jimuel, Michael, and Queenie.

She began the tour by showing the room of their youngest brother, Israel, who was not home at the time the video was recorded as he had swimming lessons, according to Mary.

The spacious room consists of a large bed, a small desk, and a sofa filled with stuffed toys. Random plush chairs also decorate the space, while most of his bigger toys are carefully placed in a corner just beside the bed.

Next to Israel’s is Queenie and Mary’s joint bedroom—consisting, among other things, of two small beds separated by a garment rack, a bedroom bench filled with old stuffed toys, plush chairs, a lamp table, and a wide-screen television.

Over on Michael’s, visitors will be greeted with a neat white king-sized bed, embellished with a large Hermes Avalon pillow that costs €710 or about P40,000, according to the luxury brand’s online website. He also has a wide-screen TV, sofa adorned with paintings (fun fact: Michael loves to paint), a piano, a home office setup for gaming and editing music (another fact: he loves making music), and even his own medium-sized refrigerator. 

Along the hallway stands a tall shelf filled with old family photos.

Before proceeding downstairs, Mary also shared a glimpse of their spacious balcony that offers quiet and relaxing views overlooking the green-friendly Dasmariñas Village. The rooftop deck is complete with outdoor chairs and tables for dining and/or lounging. 

Posh chairs and a long glass table embellished with eye-catching displays make up the main attraction of the living room, whereas a peak of the large dining room reveals an extendable dining table and chairs in black and a crystal chandelier suspended above.

Photo from Jinkee Pacquiao (@jinkeepacquiao)

Photo from Jinkee Pacquiao (@jinkeepacquiao)

Adjoining the dining room is the sleek, modern kitchen that houses classic white countertops, a teacup shelf display, and complete cookware sets for fun cooking sessions. 

As for the outdoors, the family home also has a small garden, a swimming pool, and an outdoor dining area located just beside Manny’s home office.

Before the vlog ends, Mary shared a peek of his kuya Jimuel’s bedroom, which features the same neat white bed as Michael’s, a purple sofa similarly adorned with Hermes Avalon pillows, a tall shelf filled with his boxing gears and equipments, as well as his shoe collection, and, at the foot of the bed, a makeshift spot perfect for chilling and relaxing at home.

Watch the house tour in action below!