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It’s a joyful time for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli. 

In the latter’s latest Instagram post, the couple is seen wearing white and sporting the sweetest smiles. What makes this occasion special, however, lies in one particular detail which delighted the fans most of all: the ring on Sarah’s finger, bright and gleaming.

Matteo captions: “I love you my love, now and forever.”

People pour in their congratulations in the comments section, as the message is crystal clear: Sarah and Matteo are now engaged!

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While it’s certainly a welcome surprise, it seems like the couple has already given the idea much thought and preparation, as evidenced by Vicki Belo’s latest Instagram post, where she announced that Sarah is now a Belo Bride-to-be.

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As we celebrate this lovely event, let’s take a look at how their relationship blossomed and developed.

The beginnings

Even before the two got to know one another, Matteo has admitted to being enthralled by the Asia’s Queen of Pop. In an interview with StarStudio Magazine back in 2016, Matteo revealed that he’s always had a crush on Sarah.

Interestingly, his ex-girlfriend Maja Salvador was aware of the fact even back when they were still a couple. After he and Maja broke up, Matteo took his chances and found the opportunity to get to know his crush better.

Billy Crawford, a friend of Matteo, was performing in Cebu at the time with Sarah Geronimo. Matteo recalled, “I called Billy and I said, ‘Introduce me to Sarah, introduce me to her.”

Soon after their meeting in Cebu, Matteo made efforts for Sarah—he even got in line during a meet-and-greet in Batangas.“I sat down—really, at the back of the Popsters. Tapos pumila ako sa meet-and-greet, and then nagpa-picture kay Sarah,” he said.

He kept the copy, and showed it to Sarah years later. While it was the start of getting to know one another, it was only after their tour in the US when Matteo began to court Sarah officially.

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He recalled, “After America, talagang sabi ko I like this girl. I want to get her attention. Kinapalan ko na mukha ko, ginawa ko na lahat.”

An official relationship

On June 19, 2014, Sarah Geronimo finally came clean about their relationship on Aquino and Abunda Tonight. She said, “Sige sasabihin ko na po, boyfriend ko na po si Matteo.”

As for their terms of endearment for one another, Matteo admitted to calling Sarah "mahal" during an interview with DZMM published on ABS-CBN. Sarah also calls Matteo in the same manner.

It’s no secret, however, that the two prefer to keep to themselves and stay low-key. Through the years, we’ve garnered details that lets us learn more about their relationship.


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Back in 2015, Sarah opened up during a contract-signing of a clothing endorsement: “Kasi hindi naman po natin madidiktahan ang future, kung ano ang mangyayari in the future. Bilang kami na magkarelasyon...parang kahit nagkarelasyon na ako in the past, ito ‘yung talagang legit, talagang nahahawakan ko, nayayakap ko. So, I'm hoping na sana siya na ang huli. Pero siyempre, nagdarasal pa rin tayo na kung ano ang will ng Diyos, 'yon pa rin.”

Then in 2016, Matteo fondly stated: “Siyempre, she’s my princess. I take care of her, but I want to show her what reality is, what life is. That everywhere you go, you won’t walk around with an entourage, or be treated like a VIP.”  StarStudio also revealed that the two particularly love bonding over outdoor activities together. They love working out as well.


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Even from their statements years ago, it’s clear that the couple is already planning ahead for their future together.

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In 2018, when reporters asked if Matteo would support Sarah should she quit showbiz, he responded, “Syempre, we wanna give, when we get married to the person we really want to be, we wanna give them everything, ‘di ba? As the man, we want to give them a home, everything, and really work hard for it. And you can’t say ‘Stop, I take care of it.’ It’s a process, kung baga.”

According to PhilStar, Matteo said he managed to win Sarah’s family over specifically by “being honest and thinking about the future.”

And judging from Sarah’s beautiful ring this 2019, Matteo remained true to his word. How sweet!