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When he first joined Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus, viewers were very much enthralled by Robi Domingo’s boy-next-door charms and friendly persona. He emerged as the 1st Big Placer in the reality game show, and since then, blessings and opportunities began to come his way. Robi, without a doubt, soon became one of showbiz’s in-demand hosts.


Photo from Instagram (@iamrobidomingo)


Robi continues to be on his toes in the industry, and now his hard work seemed to have paid off as the Kapamilya star was able to finally purchase his own condo. Netizens were thrilled when their idol showcased his new home, and he stressed that he was able to make all this possible with his blood, sweat and tears. 

Let's take a look. 



Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

 Over at the living room, Robi kept the colors neutral and simple, which gives off a cozy feel. The is an area of the condo where Robi bonds with his friends, or at times he likes to just sit around and read a book. Who wouldn’t love a good read?




 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

Robi chose a wooden table with four chairs for the dining area, since his family likes to come over and have dinner with him from time to time. He shared that they love to drink coffee and tea together while catching up. Family goals!



 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

Another place in the condo where Robi’s friends and family members like to hangout is the bar area. The host surprisingly has an impressive collection of wine and other alcoholic beverages, which were purchased not just in the Philippines, but from different parts of the world. Meanwhile, on the counter, Robi placed some scented candles which he likes to call his Tito Stuff.




 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

In the kitchen, the former PBB star likes to neatly stock all the home’s necessities, and of course, all the scrumptious goodies and food that he loves to munch. By the fridge, different magnets can be seen, and according to Robi, theses are places that he has already travelled to. Lucky you, Robi!



 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

For the TV room, Robi emphasized that he was keen on having an East-meets-West sort of theme. The concept is a toss-up between the places Brooklyn and Hokkaido—and a lot of wood, bricks and metal were placed in this specific room. A unique combination, indeed!

 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

 Also located in the media room is a versatile television set, that is surrounded by  mementos and some of Robi’s collectibles. With its chill vibe, this area is perfect for a get-together where he and his guests can just be couch potatoes the whole day watching movies!


 Photo from Youtube (@RobiDomingo)

Robi was very particular with his bedroom and wanted it to have that peaceful and serene feel. He keeps the room neat and wants to maintain that minimalist look, choosing a wallpaper that had a smooth texture. Who wouldn’t doze off right away with a room like this?